Monday, April 20, 2009

Weigh in Monday

Hi all!

So it's Monday. I weigh 213. I didnt really gain as much as I thought I did. I just got done with my work out, I ran 1 mile. I might do more later, because to be honest the only reason I stopped is that my foot hurt. I really need new shoes, but that will probably have to wait till pay day. Right now I'm watching Miss. Universe I recorded it last night. I happen to know Miss NH USA, she is a very sweet person. It's sorta a good motavation for me to see these ladies, I want to be that fit and most of them do have real bodies.

Anyhow, on the agenda for today, cleaning! YAY! ( ummmm... not!) So yeah... Im off to bust some dust bunnies... wish me luck!

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