Monday, April 6, 2009

monday weight in and other things.

So its Monday... I weigh the same. 211. which to be honest is a relief because I haven't exactly been being good lately, and that means that my bloat went away.

Now that said I restarted my couch to 10 k program today. This time I am going to keep up with it. Monday - Wednesday and Saturday I am going to run Thursday and Friday I am going to do strength training. Sundays I get a break. I'm going to continue to eat smartly and not blow portions way up.

Okay on to the rest of my life.

I think Buddy ( my Shar Pei mix) broke his tail. Its all hangy and that is not how it usually is. He also wont let me touch it. So right now I am waiting for my husband to get home and have him check it out then there will most likely be a vet visit. My poor baby. I'm worried that they will have to cut off his tail... he is the most tail waggly dog ever and I can't imagine him with out a tail.

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