Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's a...

Girl!! :)

I meant to write this post about a week ago when we found out, but I've been so busy buying little pink clothes ,and things, and purgeing our house for the move it's insane!  I need to scan the Ultrasound photos, and take a picture of the mini mountain of things Lorelai has already. Well, has here. My Mom is going a bit crazy buying things, and a good friend of hers has twin baby girls that have a lot of hand me downs, that she said I have to take.( Not that I'm protesting free hand me downs!) :) So she has a rather large mountain when all of her things are put together.  

I found a new Pottery Barn Bumper at the thrift store for $4!! It is so pretty and it was such a good deal I scooped it up. The outside is white with pink, purple, yellow, blue dots that have stitching around them that looks like daises. The inside of it is bright pink. I got a couple of sheets at Target (Target has a coupon out right now for 5$ off circo bedding) so I think I ended up spending around $4 each on those. I need to find some cute pink blankies, but it might have to wait till after we move. We are over our weight limit. They give us 9000lbs for Hub's rank w/ dependants. So its not hard to go over when you don't buy junk furniture, and have one kid, and another on the way. I still have alot to go through... and I have no doubt that we will be under our limit by the time we move. But still not a good feeling. So that has put a damper on getting things for Lorelai until after the move.

    Last weekend Hub and I went through all of Jack's old clothes and things. I cried alot. I think it was a combination of hormones and OMG My Baby Grew up so darn fast!!  We are getting rid of everything except what Lorelai can use, and his important clothes. ( The outfit he came home in, and all of the premi things.)  We were thinking about taking them to Once Upon a Child, but I'm not sure. They sorta gave the impression that they weren't going to give us too much ( not that I think they are worth a ton) and that they wouldn't take most of it. Its good, unstained, clean, baby things that have alot of life left. No one I know near by is having a boy, or I'd pass them along. ( Oh Kelli I wish you were near.... Boy would you be in for a surprise! lol) I don't know... maybe I'll take them over, and what ever they don't buy will go to the Salvation army around the corner. I just don't want to waste my time. Has anyone sold clothes to a place like that? Is it worth it?

Jack is doing great! He is kissing my belly and talking to his baby sister. Some times when I'm making him a meal, or getting something at the store he asks for some for his sister too. He is so sweet. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Things I need to get off my chest.

This isn't an update on the pregnancy, or on Jack. I promise I will do one of those soon.

Today, I need to write about a few things that are bothering me. I don't really have another outlet for this so I'm putting it here. The stress from keeping this inside is not good for my already inflated BP.

My MIL is constantly pushing this woman she works with (Heather) at my husband, mostly by talking her up... but still... gag. She has made it obvious to everyone that she would rather Heather be her daughter in law over me... not that its her choice at all, and my husband is TOTALLY not interested, and finds both her and the fact that his mother is pushing her at him GROSS. She invited Heather to my sons birthday party without telling us, she invites Heather's son over to play with Jack even though they are hugely different in age ( her son is in second grade).
Yesterday I popped by her office after she demanded that I drop off ink that my husband ordered for her, instead of coming to pick it up, because god forbid she comes to my house! Jack ran around the office flirting with all the women, like he does. Then I was standing by the door ready to leave as she pranced around pretending to be grandmother of the year ( she's far from it, as she normally doesn't want anything to do with him.) and Jack asked her "Where'd Momma go?"  He couldn't see me because she was standing between us. She looked at me and said "I think he meant Heather." I nearly slapped her! Am I wrong to feel like this is a HUGE DIG at me? I can't stand her, she treats me like a temporary nuisance, and talks bad about me when ever she gets the chance. This BS with Heather is just piling on, and making me really glad to leave here in a few weeks.

Then later Hub's sister and I were out thrifting, I don't often take her anywhere because, its like having to watch two kids, because she doesn't act like an adult and can't really be trusted. Jack started throwing his version of a terrible two tantrum. ( Yelling at the top of his lungs "I DON"T WANT TO!! HELP ME!!) So I did what any mother would do. Got his eyes, and in a stern voice told him that is not acceptable, and I didn't want him screaming anymore. ( In a way that a 2 year old can understand) Well, when we got home, I went to put my son to bed, and I overheard her telling Hub that I screamed at Jack, at the top of my lungs in the store. I have only screamed at him once, and that was because he was going to touch the hot oven door. Needless to say I'm back to my policy of not taking her out anywhere again.

I can't stand that I can't have a civil relationship with my inlaws, because they treat me badly, and act like crazy people. I try and treat them they way I want to be treated, but its getting really hard to be nice to people that are constantly putting me down. So, I'm sitting here counting days till November, when we move away from this crazyness, and wont have to come back. I really don't need the stress of their actions on top of everything else right now.