Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watch Me Shrink.

One month ago I posted about how I was going to start the weight loss process again.
Do you know what I've done to make that happen? NOTHING! Unless you count the squats I did on Saturday, and switching to diet soda. Yeah... FAIL!!! So it's butt kicking time. It's not about the baby weight. It's because I don't feel good about myself, and I don't feel healthy. I wasn't feeling healthy before I got pregnant.I'm only 10 pounds heavier then when I got pregnant. I started gaining when we moved here and started renovation on this house. I've been eating junk. A LOT of junk. That needs to stop now. Hub isn't always home from work at dinner time, and I was using that as an excuse to go out and get junky fast food that I don't even like and having that for dinner. Last night as I was eating cheese sticks for dinner I realized that this wasn't what I really wanted to be doing and that they didn't really taste that good. I wanted to get a roasted chicken and some salad but here in Bangladesh (my new name for this crap hole part of the world) you can't find ready cooked chicken after noon. I know that is still no excuse for my poor eating habits. The point is that it needs to stop.

Over the coarse of the next month I'm going to take steps to eat better and get my butt off the couch. My plan is to put fruits or veggies in my mouth with every meal, drinking more water, and to start the same exercises I was doing when I started to lose weight the first time. Situps push ups squats ect. I hope to start the couch to 10k program again by this time next month. I'm going to shoot for once per week updates on how I'm doing with this process.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2 Months

Dear Jack,

Tomorrow you will be two months old. You are babbling and yelling AH!. I have even heard you say "OH" a few times. You are so playful. You like to stand and jump on our laps. You really like to ride ponies on our knees. If we are out shopping and stop the cart to look at something you start to whine, you like to be on the go.

When I take you out I still get "that must be a brand new baby comments." You look like a one month old, because you were born a month early. You are just now starting to wear 0-3 month clothes and size one diapers. Your a strong little guy. You have so much strength and control in your neck it amazes me and daddy. Your little arms and legs are very strong too.

We went apple picking with you for the first time. You weren't to thrilled with the apple trees, or the pumpkin patch we set you in to take your picture. We still got cute ones though.

The other day you got your first Hemi hug, and you quickly re payed him by eating his ear. You grabbed right ahold of it and in your mouth it went. Your starting to do that with everything.

You like to talk on the phone with your Grammy. When she talks you get big big smiles. If you happen to hear your uncle Jeremy in the back ground your smile gets so big I think your face might split in two.

You are so happy. Your little adorable redish haired self, makes mommy and daddy's life so much better and happier. Snuggles from you make even the worst days better. I love you so much little chipmunk.

Love forever,