Monday, November 30, 2009

Watch me Shrink.

This morning I weighed in at 199. I don't think that is too bad after Thanksgiving. The left overs are gone now and I am pushing the restart button. I'm starting back up with my eating plan that I lost most of the weight on. Mostly healthy proteins and veggies, with a little brown carbs and a few treats thrown in for my sanity. It seems to be what works best for me. I am going to run on my treadmill agian, and throw in some video workouts and free weights, too change it up a bit.

I started taking vitamin E and a female herbal mix that has chaste tree berry in it.

The vitamin E is because my hair has started falling out, not just one or two at a time either. I wake up in the morning and my pillow is covered in hair. It's really gross and upseting to me. I don't really see any bald spots or thing, which is really strange. I'm going to ask the doc about it when I go in for a refural to an RE sometime possibly next week. ( Squee!!!)

The chaste tree berry really helped regulate my cycles and just make me feel better the last time I took it, so I thought it couldn't hurt.

I have 24 more pounds to lose. I'm not going to quit now. I'm close. The other night I sat down and avaluated my goals and this is what I've come up with.

Currently my BMI is 27 which puts me some where in the middle of the overweight catagory. I want my BMI to be 23.7, which puts me in the middle of the "normal" catagory. It will be 23.7 when I'm at 175.

I think I can lose the last 24lbs, in three months, if I work really hard. That's based on me loseing two pounds per week.

The app I use on my phone to keep track of my calories says I can eat 1560 calories per day. That is to lose 2 pounds per week. I am going to record every thing I put in my mouth agian, and try to find a way to put a picture of the chart on my here every week when I do my weigh in just to be more acountable.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Beach is Closed.

Red Tide...

I don't know why I'm surprised by this, but I am. I know that being late does not equal pregnant in my case. I also don't know why month after month when Red Tide doesn't roll in when my fertility friend app tells me to I get antsy. FYI... It never happens when its supposed to. I have PCOS. That's the way life is. When it finally does roll around I get sad and depressed. I hate that I hope every month when I know there is no way. But I do, and now I'm sad, and disappointed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Checking In.

I'm back down to 199. YAY! The one is back. That said, We both fell off the P90X band wagon. I might just start up again after the holidays. It is very restrictive diet wise. Hub and I were at each other's throats because we were so hungry! That said it did clean up our eating habits a lot from the crappy way we had been eating the last few months. I think that is why I lost the five pounds. The work out are strange because they start off intense and get easier as the week goes on.

Until after Christmas I am going to just do basic work out stuff, like run on the treadmill and sit ups and push ups, that sort of thing.

I just finished cleaning up the house, this place is sparkling clean. We are having Thanksgiving here this year. Tomorrow I'm doing a lot of baking and prepping anything that I can ahead of time. I can tell that the mother in law wasn't too thrilled when Hub told her we wanted to do Thanksgiving. She REALLY can't cook! ... like at all... yeah...

I got some stuff for cosmos and some spiced rum, just in case things get a little heated. Basically around the 3rd or so time she says, "Your doing it that way?!" yeah... hurrah for me.... :) at least there is booze!!! lol

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Starting Place.

I'm in the market for an RE now! First I have to find a primary care doc, insurance makes me get a referral. Hopefully I can find one that takes me seriously. I think I've found a good RE. I found him online. I've never done that before, so hopefully that works out too. I also really hope I can get a referral to that doctor's office. I'm trying so hard to be optimistic about trying again, but at the same time I have a bad case of what if's. I'm so scared that it wont work, but at the same time I really hope it does. I don't want to get my hopes up, but it might be about 3 years too late for that.

I just keep thinking that next year, next Christmas, I might be pregnant, or I might even finally have the child I've hoped for, for so long now. Even if its sort of a long shot, that thought makes me smile.

I guess I'm off to see the wizard... again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The title just about says it all. I'm on day two, and muscles I didn't even know I had hurt!

The program has three levels, and I am doing the Lean version, which is mainly to slim down and tone. In other words, I wont look like a monster when I'm done. : ) Hub is doing the Classic version, and he's pretty sore too. To say its intense is an understatement. I couldn't finish my work out Day 1, and I had to stop the tape with about ten minutes left on the Core Synergistics DVD. Today was cardio day and I'm proud to say that I made it through, and don't tell anyone but it was sorta fun too... well parts of it were.

The diet that goes with this is pretty tough too. The first phase is low carb, with the exception of the protein bars, and drinks. They have more carbs than I thought they would. It does get easier as you go (they add in more food types later). But like most things its REALLY hard to start off.

On Sunday we weighted in and I was at 203 again. It sucked, but I sort of thought I would be up there because I haven't been eating well and I haven't been exercising lately. I know the weight will come off again, and soon given the new work out I'm doing. It still stings though to see that "2" again.

I'm hanging in there though.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yeah... Crappy Blogger... thats me...

GAH Busy! I hate busy. We are almost done unpacking the whole house. The only room we have left is the garage.

Here are some after pictures... I'm trying to find the before pictures. It might take a few days. We've organised everything so well that I can't find them.

This is it... The Money Pit... the after shots.

When we singed the lease for this house it was full of pee smelling carpet, dirt, dog hair, yellow walls from years of cigarette smoke. Okay you get it... It was gross. We tore out the carpet, found hardwood floors in most of the house, we sanded them, refinished them ( that's another long story ). We cleaned then painted ( alot of Kills paint... like ALOT... in case you don't know it fixes the ugly in one coat and it kills smells... it basically rocks.) We put down laminate tile in the rooms that didn't have hardwood. Hub put in a new double wall oven that we got off c*ra*igs**l*ist for FRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEE!!!! It works like new, I really don't think it was used much it was completely spotless inside. Hub also put in a new cook top, the appliances didn't really work too well. We cleaned up the yard the day before yesterday. Its finally coming together and I'm tired just typing that all out.

You must be wondering why we did this all to a rental. Well, we got the owner to sign a 3 year lease at an obscenely low rent. So we didn't mind fixing it up too much. Plus Hub and I really like projects.

In other news, Hub and I ordered P90X. Yup that's right. We ordered it. It's here and we are starting it on Monday. This weekend we are getting rid of all of the junk in the house, and do all of the other before stuff. ie: take photos and what not. Then we start. I'll be posting about P90X in my weekly weigh in post. Those will start back up on Monday.

Sorry I abandoned this blog for so long, moving and all the work on the house sucked up all of my time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've been a CRAPPY blogger lately. With a capitol C. SORRY!!! I've been so busy with the move and getting the money pit fixed up that I haven't had time to breath let alone blog.

As a consolation prize I'm going to up load before and after shots of the money pit, and tell you some horrifying home improvement stories, in the next couple of days.