Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Checking In.

I'm back down to 199. YAY! The one is back. That said, We both fell off the P90X band wagon. I might just start up again after the holidays. It is very restrictive diet wise. Hub and I were at each other's throats because we were so hungry! That said it did clean up our eating habits a lot from the crappy way we had been eating the last few months. I think that is why I lost the five pounds. The work out are strange because they start off intense and get easier as the week goes on.

Until after Christmas I am going to just do basic work out stuff, like run on the treadmill and sit ups and push ups, that sort of thing.

I just finished cleaning up the house, this place is sparkling clean. We are having Thanksgiving here this year. Tomorrow I'm doing a lot of baking and prepping anything that I can ahead of time. I can tell that the mother in law wasn't too thrilled when Hub told her we wanted to do Thanksgiving. She REALLY can't cook! ... like at all... yeah...

I got some stuff for cosmos and some spiced rum, just in case things get a little heated. Basically around the 3rd or so time she says, "Your doing it that way?!" yeah... hurrah for me.... :) at least there is booze!!! lol

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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