Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NH trip and Baby Shower # 1.

Okay I know we got back a week ago. It's been hard to write.

We left Mi, and drove across Canada. We got to stop in Niagara Falls on the way up and back, and we decided that when we go to my mom's at Christmas we are going to make that our first day stopping point. It was fun to think about pushing a stroller with our son in it around that city.

We got to my mom's and it was really great to be home. I miss it there, even though its not the home I left. The whole town changed, and the places that have always been there look old, compared to all the new stores and restaurants.

I had a really good time hanging out with my mom. I miss her already, and September can't come soon enough. Even though that means I wont be pregnant anymore. My mom is coming to see her grand baby be born. She is so excited.

My baby shower was great. More than I thought it would be. My great uncle came and sang the whole time. I had a great time seeing everybody. We got a lot of very nice and useful baby things. I think my mom bought out the baby department in every store around her. Jack wont need clothes till he is at least nine months old.

We also had family pictures done. My mom has been wanting to do it for a long time.

I've been working on finishing Jack's room. I hung all of his clothes up. I still need to wash them... but they aren't in the crib or laundry basket anymore. I'm 99% done with the mural on his wall. I just have the monkey to finish, and the sky to fix, and details to add in. Then his dresser can come in and I can paint his changer that goes on top of it. ( Its white right now... its going to be blue to match the water in the mural.) Once his dresser comes into the room, I can put all of the odds and ends in it, and have alot of much needed closet space back, to put diapers and things we might get at our 2nd shower, on 7-24. Right now stuff is piled everywhere, and its a big giant mess in there. I want that to be fixed before the 24th so I can just add to it, and not have to worry about it after. Hub needs to hang his name on the wall above the crib, I still need to trim off some of the excess paint that dripped off of them too. I need to get a couple of baskets for toys and small things. I also need to start cleaning out parts of the house for some of his other stuff. Who knew someone so small could have so much stuff. :)

**Also I just read that... and Nesting much... yeah I think its starting to kick in. lol

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Third Trimester.

How did this happen so quickly?! I swear I just saw that stick say PREGNANT yesterday. Now I have this amazing little guy growing and moving in my belly. I'm shopping for a baby shower dress, and starting to have a hard time bending and moving around. ( ie. Gee I thought I'd be able to fit through there... Guess not... ) I see my reflection in the mirror and I can't believe how big and round my belly is getting. This is going by too fast. I think maybe I'm crazy because I actually like being pregnant. I like it alot and wish I could slow it down. Yeah there's back pain and heart burn so bad that I want to use a fire extinguisher, but it doesn't matter, I love being pregnant. I love feeling Jack move around in there. Lately I can feel him petting my belly, opening and closing his little hand on my belly. It's pretty amazing. He bumps and kicks and wiggles, and I never want that to stop. At the same time though I can't wait to meet this little guy. He already stole my heart. I'm so happy that we made it here, and that Jack is growing and he is okay.

We went up north this weekend, and saw one of Hub's cousins graduate from high school. When we got home I caught Hub in the baby's room making a little outfit from his clothes. He was fussing over things, and that was the first time he let me see him do that. He had this reserved block (just short of letting himself show all of his emotions) just in case things didn't go so good. That block is gone now and it amazes he how happy he has been underneath that block. Not that he wasn't happy before, but now the wall came tumbling down. I think it's because if Jack was born right now he would survive. Hub let down his wall, and was in there looking through all of the little baby clothes I've been collecting. There is something so amazing looking at the father of your child with a tiny shirt in his hand. He is so in love with this baby too, and all I could do was hug him.

In the next month and a half there will be two baby showers. The first of which I am looking forward to alot. I get to go home and see my mom and family. I haven't been home in a long time, and I miss them. The other one will be a big one with Hub's side of the family. I can't believe how many people love this little guy already.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

26.. going on 27.

Yeah. I know. I've been a bad blogger. I haven't updated in a while and my comments have been lacking. Sorry... life is boring, and busy all at the same time.

Hub's grandfather died about a week ago. He hadn't seen him in about 8 years. Not because of any fight or anything like that. He had Alzheimer's and his children put him in a home that was too far away for anyone to visit, including Hub's grandmother. They were each other's second mar rage but were married for about 25 years. I know she missed him very much. He was part of the reason Hub joined the Navy. He fought during WWII. They gave him a military funeral, complete with a 21 gun salute. Jack jumped so hard I thought he was going to come out the front of my belly. Hub got to be part of the honor guard, and I know that he got some closure out of that. He also got to give the flag to his grandmother at the funeral. Hub was one of two of his grand kids who joined the Navy because of him.

On a happier note.

I am two weeks away from my first baby shower, and going home to see my Mom. I can't wait. Heck I would pack right now if I didn't need half the stuff I'd pack before then. I can't wait to see my Mom. I can't wait till she can feel Jack kick, and see how much he's grown. I wish she could be here to see it all happen, but she's going to be here to see him born and that means the world to me.

I' m still working on Jack's room. I've gotta get more paint to finish the mural, and paint the letters I got that spell his name. I spent about an hour organizing all the things in his closet to make room for the baby shower stuff. Not that we had got him a ton of stuff or anything, it was just all thrown in there and a mess. The diapers were taking up 2/3 of the whole closet, because they were stacked like jinga tiles. Plus I got to look at all his little clothes. I found a sample of diapers that we got when we did our registry. They are newborn size and I couldn't believe how tiny they are. They fit in the palm of my hand. It blows my mind.

Yesterday I discovered a growing puddle in our basement. It was huge! I couldn't get in there to see where it was coming from but I thought it was our hot water heater. Hub checked it out and sure enough it was the drain valve. He capped it last night. So hopefully that will fix it.

Jack kicks all the time, and it still makes my face light up every time. He gets the hiccups, sometimes very hard, and Hub got to feel him hiccup last night. Last night I was woken up because Jack launched himself off of my hip and it hurt like hell. I nearly screamed. Then I figured out that he was suddenly on the complete other side of my belly, and his back wasn't facing out for the first time all week, so this morning and all night I got to feel all the kicks that I had been feeling only faintly for a week. It made for a rough nights sleep, but it was worth it. I'll take baby kicks over sleep any day.

Oh well.. there's a mountain of things that I have to do today. Like all the things that require hot water, as I was scared to use it yesterday.