Wednesday, June 2, 2010

26.. going on 27.

Yeah. I know. I've been a bad blogger. I haven't updated in a while and my comments have been lacking. Sorry... life is boring, and busy all at the same time.

Hub's grandfather died about a week ago. He hadn't seen him in about 8 years. Not because of any fight or anything like that. He had Alzheimer's and his children put him in a home that was too far away for anyone to visit, including Hub's grandmother. They were each other's second mar rage but were married for about 25 years. I know she missed him very much. He was part of the reason Hub joined the Navy. He fought during WWII. They gave him a military funeral, complete with a 21 gun salute. Jack jumped so hard I thought he was going to come out the front of my belly. Hub got to be part of the honor guard, and I know that he got some closure out of that. He also got to give the flag to his grandmother at the funeral. Hub was one of two of his grand kids who joined the Navy because of him.

On a happier note.

I am two weeks away from my first baby shower, and going home to see my Mom. I can't wait. Heck I would pack right now if I didn't need half the stuff I'd pack before then. I can't wait to see my Mom. I can't wait till she can feel Jack kick, and see how much he's grown. I wish she could be here to see it all happen, but she's going to be here to see him born and that means the world to me.

I' m still working on Jack's room. I've gotta get more paint to finish the mural, and paint the letters I got that spell his name. I spent about an hour organizing all the things in his closet to make room for the baby shower stuff. Not that we had got him a ton of stuff or anything, it was just all thrown in there and a mess. The diapers were taking up 2/3 of the whole closet, because they were stacked like jinga tiles. Plus I got to look at all his little clothes. I found a sample of diapers that we got when we did our registry. They are newborn size and I couldn't believe how tiny they are. They fit in the palm of my hand. It blows my mind.

Yesterday I discovered a growing puddle in our basement. It was huge! I couldn't get in there to see where it was coming from but I thought it was our hot water heater. Hub checked it out and sure enough it was the drain valve. He capped it last night. So hopefully that will fix it.

Jack kicks all the time, and it still makes my face light up every time. He gets the hiccups, sometimes very hard, and Hub got to feel him hiccup last night. Last night I was woken up because Jack launched himself off of my hip and it hurt like hell. I nearly screamed. Then I figured out that he was suddenly on the complete other side of my belly, and his back wasn't facing out for the first time all week, so this morning and all night I got to feel all the kicks that I had been feeling only faintly for a week. It made for a rough nights sleep, but it was worth it. I'll take baby kicks over sleep any day.

Oh well.. there's a mountain of things that I have to do today. Like all the things that require hot water, as I was scared to use it yesterday.

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