Friday, May 21, 2010

Birdgate 2010

George came out of the fireplace and dove at my head a few times. I gathered up a very stunned Buddy and shut him in the bedroom. I came back out and I couldn't find George. I stood frozen in my living room for a few minutes, until I saw him using one of our picture frames for a perch. I took a towel and shooed him off there and towards the open front door. He took off and landed behind the entertainment center. I tried to coax him out with some bread, but apparently bread is the sign that the human who's house you've invaded is trying to kill you, if you are a bird anyhow. He freaked out and he took off into my kitchen and landed behind the table. I tried the bread again and he flew out the front door.

So for now we are a bird free house.

On another note I have the cold from hell. My nose is all stuffed and itchy inside. I hope it goes away soon.


Jill said...

Yikes! That is my nightmare. I hate birds! Do you watch Modern Family? If not, you should check out the latest episode - be glad you didn't handle the bird like the guy on the show did!

Kelli said...

LOL!!! About the George saga, not your nasty cold. Hope that gets better soon!

We had a problem like that once except ours wasn't a bird, it was a CHIPMUNK. For real. After days of tracking it and try to trap it and all that nonsense, Mike saw it and tried to chase it out the back door with a broom. HILARIOUS! :) Thankfully, it was scared enough of my crazy husband to scoot out the door and not come back! We still laugh about the time that it got in the house,'s always an adventure, right?

Anonymous said...

chicy i like the name lol funny you named it, if it happens again just throw a towel over it and pick it up and put it out lol
do you need lessons? LOL
love you