Monday, May 17, 2010

Next visit in 2 weeks.

EEEP! How did this happen already?

I went to the OB today. Got some good news not only will I not have to redo the the glucose test, I don't have the diabetus! YAY! I was really worried about that. In fact the test came back normal... yeah normal... not really what I expected. But I'll take it. :)

I go back to the OB in two weeks, for just a little appointment. Then two weeks after that I get to have another U/S. Can't wait for that. I can't wait to see Jack's little face again. :)

I've been reading alot lately. I got a breast feeding book and Everything your child's first year book at the resale shop and I've had those books in my hand nearly every time I sit down.

I'm still working on the mural in the baby's room. I went out and got some better paint then the old stuff I had laying around. I hope to have it done this week.

I was in target today and I found a little bank in the cheap stuff section in the front of the store. It's a little crab and its so cute. They have a bunch of other shapes if anyone is interested. I think it was 2.50... not to bad.

Okay. This may be too much to ask but I'm pretty desperate. Every kind of undies I try roll down... like alot... like to my knees. Yeah not so fun. Has anyone had any luck finding ones that don't? Thanks in advance!


Jill said...

I still wear the underwear I always have. They are body by victoria bikini. Expensive but I love them for work because they are seamless and dont show lines. I can also still wear my regular cotton victoria secret bikinis. This all might depend on how low you carry the baby though! Mine's not too low.

Kelli said...

LOL @ the underwear dilemma. Like Jill, I still wear the same kind but I did have to buy a larger size...oh, joy. :)

Congrats on passing your GTT...that's great news!!