Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yeah... Crappy Blogger... thats me...

GAH Busy! I hate busy. We are almost done unpacking the whole house. The only room we have left is the garage.

Here are some after pictures... I'm trying to find the before pictures. It might take a few days. We've organised everything so well that I can't find them.

This is it... The Money Pit... the after shots.

When we singed the lease for this house it was full of pee smelling carpet, dirt, dog hair, yellow walls from years of cigarette smoke. Okay you get it... It was gross. We tore out the carpet, found hardwood floors in most of the house, we sanded them, refinished them ( that's another long story ). We cleaned then painted ( alot of Kills paint... like ALOT... in case you don't know it fixes the ugly in one coat and it kills smells... it basically rocks.) We put down laminate tile in the rooms that didn't have hardwood. Hub put in a new double wall oven that we got off c*ra*igs**l*ist for FRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEE!!!! It works like new, I really don't think it was used much it was completely spotless inside. Hub also put in a new cook top, the appliances didn't really work too well. We cleaned up the yard the day before yesterday. Its finally coming together and I'm tired just typing that all out.

You must be wondering why we did this all to a rental. Well, we got the owner to sign a 3 year lease at an obscenely low rent. So we didn't mind fixing it up too much. Plus Hub and I really like projects.

In other news, Hub and I ordered P90X. Yup that's right. We ordered it. It's here and we are starting it on Monday. This weekend we are getting rid of all of the junk in the house, and do all of the other before stuff. ie: take photos and what not. Then we start. I'll be posting about P90X in my weekly weigh in post. Those will start back up on Monday.

Sorry I abandoned this blog for so long, moving and all the work on the house sucked up all of my time.

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jill said...

Very nice! All your hard work definitely paid off. And a free appliance - score! :)

Good luck with P90X! I've heard it is really difficult.