Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The title just about says it all. I'm on day two, and muscles I didn't even know I had hurt!

The program has three levels, and I am doing the Lean version, which is mainly to slim down and tone. In other words, I wont look like a monster when I'm done. : ) Hub is doing the Classic version, and he's pretty sore too. To say its intense is an understatement. I couldn't finish my work out Day 1, and I had to stop the tape with about ten minutes left on the Core Synergistics DVD. Today was cardio day and I'm proud to say that I made it through, and don't tell anyone but it was sorta fun too... well parts of it were.

The diet that goes with this is pretty tough too. The first phase is low carb, with the exception of the protein bars, and drinks. They have more carbs than I thought they would. It does get easier as you go (they add in more food types later). But like most things its REALLY hard to start off.

On Sunday we weighted in and I was at 203 again. It sucked, but I sort of thought I would be up there because I haven't been eating well and I haven't been exercising lately. I know the weight will come off again, and soon given the new work out I'm doing. It still stings though to see that "2" again.

I'm hanging in there though.

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Mrs. Brown said...

I hate that pesky 2--!1 Good luck I can't wait to hear your success story!!