Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dog update

When Phil got home last night he called his uncle that is a vet and his uncle said that Buddy has a swollen anal gland not a broken tail. So I am taking him to the vet today for what ever they do to fix that and get an anti biotic. Hurrah! No broken tail he will be okay... oh and today the little snot is lifting up his tail again. They are just like kids... you know not sick as soon as you call the doctor or get in the waiting room... SNOT!

** UPDATE **

So I took Buddy to the vet this afternoon and his DX was over wagging his tail... Ummmm... yeah ... I just freaked out all night and spent $100 to have some one tell me my dog over wagged his tail and strained his muscles. *SIGH* I have to spend the next 3 days figuring out how not to make my dog happy. The good news is that he is okay!

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