Monday, April 27, 2009


This morning I got on the scale and I lost 3 pounds! That brings me to 210. I'm so glad I broke that holding pattern I was in, and now I'm back to seeing the scale move the right way. Earlier this week I came up with a really good reward. For every pound I loose I'm going to put $5 dollars in a jar. That way when I reach my goal I can buy some nice new smaller clothes. I also think that is a great motivation. This week I owe my jar $15.

I'm going to start this week off on week 1 of the couch to 10k then I might bump up to week 2. I kinda excited about that. Week two is 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking. I might start that on Wednesday.

Goals this week: I want to loose 2 more pounds. I want to be on week 2 of the couch to 10k. I also want to do more strength training on days that I don't run.

Yesterday I got myself some much needed new running shoes. And I got a really awesome deal. They were originally $80, they were marked down to $60 with 30% off of that. And I had 2, $10 reward checks. For people like me who hated word problems in school I paid $16 for new running shoes!

Well I'm going to go eat lunch cause I'm really hungry, and then I'm going to test out the new shoes.

** Edit**

Okay, so I thought I would edit this post because I wasn't really firing on all cylinders when I wrote this, this morning. I've lost 25 pounds since I started this weight loss thing. I remember when I first started out and I had lost 6 pounds. I was so happy because I had lost the weight of my dog TY. (He's a really small Min Pin) Now I've officially lost a Buddy. Maybe that’s a strange way to look at it but I was carrying around a whole medium sized dog. That, to me is crazy.


Anonymous said...

sometimes nothing feels better than a killer deal. :)

currently scoping out the REI ads for mine, I got my member dividend and it's burning a hole in my pocket!


Scrambled Egg said...

Great job on your weight loss and healthiness! You're an inspiration!! Keep up the good work!

Parenthood For Me said...

Keep it up. Losing weight is sooo difficult. Good for you! Hope you like the shoes.

jill said...

Good luck with your goals this week. Awesome job on the weight loss!

My first run with new shoes sucked - but I walked in them a couple times for short periods and my next run, 2 days later, was much better. Wanted to warn you just in case it's a common new-shoe problem :)