Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wow! I feel like the most accomplished person right now! After I posted this morning I ran my mile. Then I went out and raked the back yard and I planted my flowers and tomato plants. Then I repotted a few of my house plants. Then I washed my truck. I also finished the book I was reading. While doing all of this out side I got a little color, which is a good thing because I was transparrent I was so pale white. I feel really good today. I have no idea where all of this energy is comeing from, but I'm really glad its here!

Well, I'm off to possibly do some laundry...


Erika said...

Wow that is an impressive list of accomplishments! It inspires me to go get something done... maybe laundry and mailing off some packages unfortunately it's already 90 degrees here. Maybe I'll pull some weeds tonight too! Awesome job!


Fat Chick said...

Wow - you are productive!!! If you get bored, come over to my place! ;)