Friday, December 18, 2009

So A Girl and A Sailor Walk Into a Fertility Clinic.

Everything went well. That is until I got home last night.

The Re was really good! He answered all of our questions, and he is more than willing to give us Gonal F and let us do the rest our selves... But someone didn't tell the nurse that... *Sigh* So she called to get my prior authorization from the insurance co. and they asked her if we were doing IUI or IVF, and she said yes... OOPS! so the Insurance said NOPE you can't take that med. *SIGH* the nurse was calling the insurance co back to fix it. I hope they approve it this time. *SIGH*
Other then that I am good to go when AF starts I get to go get poked and prodded and then I get to start shooting up. In a few minutes I am going to call Tricare to see if my meds were approved. Why does Insurance only make this whole process 1000 times more difficult?!

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jill said...

Haha @ the post title :)

Glad to hear it went well. Hopefully the nurse can fix her mistake. Your insurance will pay for the meds as long as they aren't connected to IUI or IVF? How odd. And, with military insurance I'm surprised they don't cover IUI/IVF (though obviously I don't know your whole story).

My RE called this type of cycle (medically induced ovulation with no IUI) "timed intercourse" - is that what they called it for you? I'm so excited to hear how it goes for you because this would be my next step if I was willing to do it.