Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Happenings ... In list form..

1) I spent the night at the hospital last Tues. For high BP, and Jack wasn't quite as responsive as they wanted him to be. They upped my BP meds, and Jack woke up a little while after we got to the hospital. My BP went down again, and they let me go the next morning.

2) I'm on bed rest... like really no shit bed rest. The kind where you are only supposed to get up to pee and possible eat something. I suck at it. Suck Alot. I can't rest if I know Jack is coming soon and I still need things for him.

3) My mom flew in on Wednesday. Shes going to camp out till Jack comes out.

4) Mom and I struck a deal... if they aren't making me have him tommrow, I get to go out to lunch and to Target... if I ride on a scooter... (YAY!) but then I must lay around and do nothing... So... here's hopeing kid stays in one more day.

5) Jack will be out with in the next two weeks... I'm thinking they will induce me on a Tuesday or Wednesday. (Dr's like weekends too.)

6) We got a new family member. His name is Hemi, and he is a Min Pin. We adopted him from people that I don't think really cared about him at all. So far he is a cute funny little guy. He and Buddy spend their time either ignoring each other, or playing and half getting along. I think they will be friends real soon.


jill said...

Sorry to hear about the bed rest :( Glad your mom is there with you to help though! I can imagine how tough it is to feel the need to get things ready but not to be able to. Frustration and stress.

Congrats on your new family member - he's a cutie. Love the one ear up/one ear down thing! hehe

Minta said...

The suck! I'm sorry :( But glad your mama can be there with you. You're almost term, lady! Can't wait to see pics of your Jack soon!

Minta said...

Thanks for being so encouraging these past few days. I really appreciate it.

Hope you and Jack are still hanging in there!