Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Hospital... Agian.

So tonight I spent 5 hours laying in a triage bed in L&D. My BP was up... well yeah duh... I knew it was up... I knew why it was up but no one listens to me. So the Dr was called and in I went.

We got there and every piece of equipment in the room was broken... the straps on the monitor and the bp cuff. So I knew that wasn't a good sign. Then they sent a med student in and she did an ultrasound. She wasn't very good, as at first she thought Jack's belly was his head. The beating heart was a dead give away for me. Then she determined he is breech now... YAY!... NOT!! Kid has been head down for at least a month. You have got to be kidding me!! So now next time I have an issue I will have a c section... because he is upside down. Great!

OH! You want to know why my BP was up huh?... yeah that would be Hub... he's driving me nuts!!! It's all about him and he's going to do what ever he wants to do and he doesn't care what anyone says... including me... SO today after a long few days worth of discussion about weather or not we would get a new AC unit. We decided to pass and maybe possibly get one when Hub gets his bonus in Oct. Because we really can't afford to buy a whole lot of stuff on top of all the things we have had to get for Jack. So yeah... bet you can't guess what he did today?.... Yeah he went out and bought said Ac unit leaving us nearly broke for the rest of the pay period... ( two weeks from now... that's when... ) He left with out saying a word to me or my mom. Why because he doesn't think about anyone but himself!!! Then he tried to tell me I said we could get one... HAHAHAHAH! NEVER!!!!

He also was the driving force behind me going to the hospital, because he wouldn't leave me alone to calm down and get my head around the Ac debacle, and find an intelligent way to get him to return it. But I felt like crap as my BP went up and up because I was beyond mad, because my opinion has no bearing on decisions but his dad who lives 10000000 miles away in Utah does... SO I went to lay down in my room. I wanted to be alone. But he wouldn't give up. He kept coming in to "check" on me. He noticed my BP was up... and went and got my mom who had no idea how mad I was at that moment. She freaked out and they jumped on the band wagon and called my Dr. YAY! By the time I got out of there she finally realized that I was pissed... (still am for that matter) and that was why my BP was soaring. So of coarse my Bp was okay ( 140's / 80's 90's) at the hospital. GIANT WASTE OF TIME!!!

Now we are home... I am more upset... 1) because Jack is upside down... and I feel like I failed again... 2) because I don't seem to matter in my own house as he wont even talk about the AC thing now ... 3) because if I want that Ac unit returned I'm going to have to go fishing through his wallet for the receipt and do it while he is at work. Which will cause WW3... but its going to take WW3 to get him to do it anyhow.

PS... AC UNIT is totally un-needed as the 2 we had in the kitchen area were cooling things off. Also its hotter then hell in here... Why? you ask, after all the AC fighting? Because Hub doesn't want to run it... it uses too much power... unless we are sitting in front of it.
... Can I strangle him yet? Please?!!?

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Minta said...

Oh.My. Sounds like a bad night. So sorry.

I will never understand why it is that boys can be so *special* about shit like that. I sorry that he went out and bought the AC after you had decided together not to. That does really suck. I don't know your hubs, so I can only speak from experience with mine, but usually actions like that come from a need to control a situation when they feel like they've lost control in another area (like their wife being on no shit bedrest, after IF, with high BP's and now a breech baby). So maybe... just maybe... even though his actions were wrong, his motivation was good? Or maybe he's a self centered asshat? Again, I don't know him, but I'm guessing you wouldn't have married him if he's a known self centered asshat :-) Unless you literally will not be able to make rent or utility payments because of the A/C, it really doesn't sound like the risk to Baby Jack is worth WW3... But, strangling the hubs may help you feel better :)

Also, (and I hope you already know this) you have NO CONTROL over which way Baby Jack has oriented himself. You could not possibly have failed, because you cannot make him get into position. And... he could still flip back. Even if it's not your plan and not what you want, a C-section and alive/uninjured baby is better than no baby.