Thursday, August 5, 2010


That last post... I wasn't going to post it. But I did. I was /am mad at Hub and that is most likely why my bp went up. But I still maybe shouldn't have posted all that... It sorta made me sound a little nuts I know. I was tired, and stressed, and really unhappy about spending 5 long hours in the hospital.

So things I learned for my hospital visit last night...

1) Jack is upside down... or the med student can't read an ultra sound. ( she really did think his abdomen was his head at first.)

2) My hospital reuses the bands for the baby & contraction monitors. ... EWWWW! plus they are totally the single use kind, and fall apart if you reuse them.

3) They also use the BP cuffs till they have holes in them... yup you guessed it... I got both.

4) My mom and Hub feed off of each other's crazy, when it comes to me... I don't know but maybe that is sweet... I just wish they would listen to me a little too before they make a decision.

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Minta said...

This is your space for venting when you need to vent. If any IRL people are reading, they should be able to understand that you need a space where you can say whatever's in your head (even if it's only passing) without worrying about being judged or having justify to someone else. I think we've all bitched about the hubs and/or mother at some point on our blogs.