Thursday, August 26, 2010


So my MIL... yeah I cant say anything nice today about that so if that bugs you go away now...

She wont come over to see the baby... but she keeps bugging Hub to drop him off over there for a few hours... YEAH NOT HAPPENING! I'm not leaving my less then 3 week old son with that woman. More than that the only reason I can think that she wont come see him is that I am here. We come as a package and if she doesn't want to see me then she doesn't need to see him. GAHH!!! I'm so pissed off at that! Why do we have to be so far away from the good grandmother? My mom loves this kid and would do anything just to get to see him... but not her oh no she wont see him if I'm around... Well then she wont be seeing him at all... DUMB BITCH! there I said it. I've had it with that dumb bitch and all her drama.

She even was talking shit about my mom in my hospital room while my mom was right there, and I was in the NICU feeding my son. NOPE! NO MORE! I'M Done! It's going to be a long two more years, but I can't wait to move far far away from here!!!


Anonymous said...

chicy tell her to kiss your shiny white ass, Sorry people who ever reads this, SORRY ahead of time,
chicy i am sorry and i should keep my mouth shut here but i can't any longer, I myself want to tell that woman what i think about her,
I am sick of how she treats you, even though you are all grown up and have a baby of your own, YOU ARE STILL MY BABY, and we both know how i get when someone is picking on one of my babies, when you hurt i hurt!! and I DO NOT LIKE TO HURT! tell that good for nothing but aggravation SOB to pucker up and kiss your butt!! i was good when i was there EVEN when her and that other one started, i bit my tounge and ignored them, however that is getting harder and harder to do, it kills me i can not see you and the baby more then you know, hell if i were close you would not be able to keep me away, if she keeps it up and you do not put her in her place i am going to fly back out there and take her down a few pegs myself!!! her crap does not smell like roses and she needs to climb off of that pedistool she climbed up on, ok i am done now, except this, DO NOT LET THE LIKES OF HER GET THE BEST OF YOU, OR GET TO YOU TO BAD, stand up for yourself chicy, miss high and mighty is NOT so high and mighty!!


Kelli said...

Way to go, Mama! :) I second everything you said!!

And Jenn, if there is anything I can add, it is this: STAND YOUR GROUND! Start out this parenting journey the way that you intend to keep it...with you and Hubs in control, not your crazy MIL. I, too, have a crazy heifer for a MIL, and it will be a cold day in H-E-L-L before I take P to her house and just drop her off, no matter what her age is. And if MIL doesn't like it, that's just too bad.

I know that it sounds harsh but I make no apologies and no concessions to my MIL b/c if I give her an inch, she'll take a mile and then some...sounds like yours would do the same. She's just gonna have to learn to deal with it because YOU are the one in charge now, not her!

Hugs to you...and your Mama for having to be so far away. Boo. :( And I say, vent it out on here as long and as often as you want to. Me and P are here to back you up. :)

Hang in there!!!

jill said...

Yuck - I'm sorry you have to deal with a crappy MIL :( I hope your husband is standing up to her.