Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Jack.

I'm going to write you these letters when you hit a milestone or something great happens. I want you to remember all the good things.

Your one month old now my sweet little boy. In this short month that you have been here you have brought so much love and happiness to my life.

Everyday you get stronger and more alert. That is a big difference from the beginning. You had jaundice so you slept allot when you first came home. Now your playing and looking into mommy and daddy's eyes. Your fascinated by lights and your two dogs, you stare at them for hours. You are so strong. You can hold your head up all by yourself for the most part. If we put you on your tummy you do a push up, and can hold yourself there and look around. Sometimes your really stubborn and you lock up all of your joints so we can't change your clothes or tape your diaper.

You like to hold onto everything, your paci, clothes, and toys, if its near you and it draws your attention you reach for it. You are a curious little guy. You study everything, and like to look at new things. It feels like your already in such a hurry to grow up and do things on your own. You try to put the paci back in your mouth if you lose it, and it seems like you have a new talent to show your daddy everyday when he gets home from work.

You've already had a few adventures. When you were two weeks old one of your daddy's friends got married, and you went to their wedding in a big park. You've been to a cook out, and for a long ride out in the country. Everywhere we go people stop us to tell us how beautiful you are.

You have a favorite toy already. It's a grey elephant that plays music that your Grammy got you. It is the first thing you ever reached for. You grab it by the ear and try so hard to shove it in your mouth. It seems so simple, but your mommy and daddy could watch you do that forever.

You came into our lives just one month ago, and we were forever changed. You made us so much more, so much better. You are a dream come true.


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Anonymous said...

like you were to me chicy and so so so much more, soon my sweetheart you will know all those feeling that you get inside when your child is hurting, and you will want to much to stop that hurt, maybe you will cry when he cries as i did and still to this day do when you cry, i have always felt a specail bond between you and I, I think and hope you have always felt that also, for you my chicy i always wanted so much more then i had, i know at times i was hard on your and strick with you, that was my way of loving you chicy as you will soon find out with your own sweet baby boy, I only hope you have that bond with him as we had, and i hope that bond only ever grows stronger, all children leave their parents, and yes that was harder for me then you will ever really know, and even though you are gone still to this day whe you hurt i hurt and always seem to know when you are hurting even before you say anything,, my wish for you is that you and jack have that same connection we had/ still have at times, get that connection for you and jack, :) and for my sweet little pumpkin boy grammy IS going to bond with you while you are here at christmas,,, mommy and daddy will be lucky if they even get to hold you lol, my little pumpkin as sad as it makes me we probably will not know each other very well cause we live far away from each other, but just know in your heart my pumpkin that your grammy will alsways love you, and I mean always, grammy will talk to you often on the phone even if you can only hear my voice you will always know i love you sweet little pumpkin,