Tuesday, September 28, 2010


WOW! Alot has happened since my last post. I turned 25. Jack had his first trip to the apple orchard. He also had a blood transfusion. So yeah that's where I've been.

I've been trying to write about Jack's transfusion since it happened two weeks ago, but theres alot of guilt there. 1) because, he got a blood disorder from my side of the family. One that I have, and really its no big deal for me... but then no one in my family has ever needed a transfusion for it before. 2) Because, he was really anemic, and I didn't see it.

We have sphearocytosis. Basically that means our red blood cells are shaped like a ball instead of a disk, so our spleens filter them out... well not mine cause I no longer posses one. It was removed when I was 6. This is probably in Jack's future. We have an appointment with the hematologist again this Thursday, hopefully we get his test results, even though I'm 99.9% sure this is what is wrong with Jack the thought of all those very small possibilities creep in every once in a while. Also I really want some sort of idea about how to keep him from getting so anemic in the future.

The blood transfusion its self was no big deal. They just put us in a hospital room, and hooked Jack up to an IV and gave him two units of blood. It was hell on me though. I stayed up all night holding my baby, who acted normal, and had no idea what was going on. Also it was hell because the insurance company didn't seem to understand that it was urgent that my 5 week old son get this blood, and hung up on the doctor's office and lost the referral request. Hub spent the whole day on the phone screaming at jerks. I held Jack, and watched him get weaker by the minute, until finally I decided it was better to ask for forgiveness then permission and had him admitted. Hopefully we wont need to do this all again on Thursday.

That said, he is a very healthy little guy and he's growing like a weed. He's so strong, and stubborn and playful. I'm am constantly amazed by him.

We went apple picking for my birthday this past Saturday. Jack like the long walk, but hated the apples, and the trees. We managed to get a couple good pictures though. We had fun, and it was the start of a family tradition. That felt pretty good.

Besides being busy around here I really have no good excuse for not posting. sorry. Oh and I've managed to lose 3 pounds in all the caos. Not too bad considering all the stress.


Jill said...

Sorry to hear of the trouble you've had. I hope you guys find out how to manage the condition for him. He is too cute though, good work on that! :)

jill said...

Happy Birthday :) I love going apple picking. The pic of Jack in the orchard is adorable!

I can imagine Jack's disorder comes with a lot of guilt for you. You are living with it though and doing fine, he will too. Hope the insurance stuff works itself out quickly.