Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shrinking Again.

It's time to shrink again. I got the all clear from my OB to work out, and now I'm back on my path. I have about 30 lbs to lose now. My goal is 185. That's about 10 pounds lighter than I was last summer. I really want to fit into a size 12. I know that its not about the tag on my clothes, but I just really want that. It would be so much easier to find clothes that fit. My body seems to have rearranged its self. I have a butt now, I never really had hips or a but and now I do. I don't mind that so much, its all the loose hanging junk around my belly, and the flabby legs and arms that are bugging me. Being on bed rest made all the muscle I had worked so hard on turn to flab.

I'm starting slowly. I went for a five mile walk with Jack yesterday. We have a park nearby that has a paved trail through the woods by a river. I was so quiet and nice, I just walked and thought. I tried to get Jack to take a picture with a orange leaf that had fallen but he wasn't having any part of that. He started screaming because the stroller stopped. Poor kid had his second hep B vac. yesterday, and he wasn't too happy about it.

I'm planing to walk there every other day until the weather is bad. I'm also planing on going through my work out DVD collection this week and doing one of those maybe on the days I don't get to walk. I'm also slowly cutting back on my calories, and stopping the junk food.

My smaller goal is to be able to jog on that trail with Jack in the jogging stroller next spring after the snow is gone.

I'll be posting updates on that on Mondays. (hopefully)


Anonymous said...

you can do it chicy :) i know you can, I LOVE YOU walk for me too please lol

jill said...

Wishing you luck with your new goals! :)