Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10000 Panic Attacks Later.

Since the last post I've had about 10000 panic attacks, over big and little things. Big things like, will he be healthy, or will he have to stay at the hospital. Little things like we didn't buy any newborn sized clothes, because we thought he was going to be big. (HA!) Or that I'm getting all nesty in my head, and I can't do too much about it.

I've come to terms with the fact that he is coming early. Today the doc said that he thinks that Jack will be here between 35 and 36 weeks. That's two weeks from now at the max. That's a little scary, but at least I have an idea about when things will happen. The Doc also answered my questions about if he would have to stay at the hospital after he was born. Basically, he said that usually depends on three things. Size, ability to eat, and breathing. He said his size is good for his age. As of the last growth ultra sound, he was just under 5lbs. So that is a huge part of it. He said babies that size usually can eat on their own, and regulate their temp. His big concern is his breathing, but that is why he gave me the betamethazone shots.

Today I had the strep B test, and an ultra sound, and a non stress test and some blood work. I basically live at the doctor's office. I go twice a week and at least have a non stress test. Hub has been able to go with me to my appointments, in case something scary happens. I'm really glad for that.

Jack is still moving like crazy, and he's got good fluid around him which is a big concern. So far he still looks really good. My blood pressure is still up. It was like 145/95 this morning. Which isn't the highest it has been, but it still sucks.

Saturday is our baby shower, and I'm looking forward to that. Hub's aunt has put alot of work in to the party. Hub's dad is flying in on Friday. Hub has a meeting and has been invited to a baseball game with the Admiral tomorrow. He's doing really good at work, and I'm really proud of him. The Admiral knows his name, that is a really big deal. So in a few minutes I'm going to iron his dress whites so he looks really good. My mom is flying in the beginning part of next week, to stay until after Jack gets here. I'm glad she's coming, and I'm glad I was able to put her off until we had a clearer picture of what was going on. Tomorrow, I am going to get my hair and pedicure done. Because I deserve it.


Minta said...

Even though it's early, I'm glad you know when he's coming. Also, sounds like he's a good size and may be able to come home with time in the NICU, which would be awesome.

Just a word of encouragement. Little C was born between 34 and 35 weeks, with no early warning (so no betamethazone) and he was over 6lbs, could breathe well and didn't spend any time in the NICU. Jack will have an extra week to bake and sounds on track size-wise. Obviously, I can't promise he'll be OK, but it sounds like he will be...

jill said...

Glad you are still hangin in there! Wish your hubby good luck for me! I used to be the wife of a Marine so I can guess at what a big deal his interaction with the Admiral must be :)

Even with the high bp it sounds like you are in a great place and it will be so nice to get to meet Jack early. I'm excited for you!

Jill said...

You poor thing... I wish things weren't so scary for you right now. I hope Jack will be huge and healthy and everything will go really well!! Good luck!