Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay so I normally don't do this. I don't usually say much in matters like the one that I am about to comment on. But this has got to stop. I know this person doesn't read this but I need to scream and well, this is the only place I can do that. So if you don't want to read it I wont be mad... Heck I wouldn't even know it. :) But anyone who has any advice it would be appreciated.

So. My SIL is the laziest damn person in the whole freaking world! No, I'm not really exaggerating.

She's been out of work for months now, because she quit a perfectly good job, because they made her do work. Like * Gasp * answering the phone. Before that job, which she had for 2 months, she was out of work for almost two years because she got fired, for not working, and having a bad attitude. Those are the only two jobs she's ever had.

I wouldn't have any issues with her if she sat there and failed quietly all alone but she's not. She expects her family to hand her things like gas money, car payments, cell phone bills, and tickets to events. Among other things. She's 21 years old for god sake. Not 16 or something. Lately all Hub and I hear from MIL is about her mooching and not caring about it. That she lives scott free and plans to continue to do so. And how its affecting her, she works hard, and is broke, because of SIL.

She thinks she's fooling people when she claims that she goes out everyday looking for work. She doesn't she spends her whole day playing asinine games on F*ace*bo*ok. Then she has the nerve to LIE about it, when its up on there that every 1/2 hour of the day she was playing some game.

Really like I said it wouldn't bother me so much if she didn't keep trying to drag us into it. She keeps saying to other people that she can move in here and take care of Jack and I can go back to work. ( NOT happening ) Then all in the same breath she tells people that we expect to get allot at our baby shower, and that wow our registry is really long.( There is nothing on there that we wouldn't buy ourselves and plan on buying, since we know times are tough. Besides, we don't expect anything from anyone. And its not long at all.) Then she has the nerve to ask us for gas money, for her phony pursuit of a job. She only wants gas so she can go to her cult like church, full of people that tell her its okay to mooch off her family. That "church" is all she has time for. Not helping her mom, or looking for a job, or looking for some classes to take. Nothing but that "church" matters to her. ( Its a, welcome, now drink this Koolaide kind of place. The sort where it doesn't matter if your an axe murderer Monday thru Saturday. As long as you show up on Sunday, and for all the meetings and such.)

She has delusions that she can come live with Hub and I if things go south at her mom's. ( which they quickly are ) HA! At the moment, I'd stop her at the door and tell her there is a shelter around here some where or she can sleep in her car, but she can't stay here. We aren't alone in this she has alienated a good 90% of the family.

She picked a fight with Hub because he told her the grocery store was hiring. Now she's on a war path and I'm pissed! She posted on FB that all my husband does is procrastinate to her. First of all that makes no sense. Second of all, if she meant he procrastinates, that is not true at all. My husband is the guy who goes out and gets it if he wants it and knocks down everything in his way. It's because of that man's hard work that we have a roof over our heads and I am very thankful for it.
It's sad that she has to say hateful things to people because they care about her and want good things for her, and were trying to help her get them.

This is what I want so badly to say to her:
SIT THERE AND FAIL QUIETLY! Or do something to change your situation. Do not whine to people about how awful it is to be you, or how bad it is to be broke. Not when you don't pay your own bills ( by choice. Make no mistake she chooses to not work and create a ass shaped dent in the couch) Also do not compare the fact that I stay home to what your doing. I cook. I clean. I run my house. those are all foreign concepts to her. Also I'm growing a person that very soon I will be taking care of.

I don't get how someone could be okay with leeching on to someone else and not giving anything but grief and attitude back. I get that people need help every once in a while, but that's not the case here. She gets pissed off when things aren't handed to her. I look at her and I look at Hub and I can't see how they are even related. I know it makes him sad because he is so driven and hard working and he has to watch his sister demand the world on a silver tray, and expect to be handed it. I know it bothers him that now that things have stopped going her way, and people aren't so giving towards her, she is lashing out at us, and everyone else. But at the same time expecting things from us. Unrealistic things at that. I wish she would grow up and stop being such a narcissistic sociopath. Most of all I wish she would stop hurting the people around her, or at least care that she is. I'm out of ideas, and right now I don't even want to see her, because my mom taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Right now I'm all out of nice.

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Anonymous said...

Cheer up chic and DON"T let her get to you, you do not need that stress right now, Remember it is her bed, she made it, let her lay in it, you have enough to worry about chic, I LOVE YOU HUG