Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GD. Or Not GD?

So I had my one hour glucose test today. I was nervous about it. (still am) I was told not to fast so I got up and before I remembered what I was doing today, I ate toast. Yeah... I know. Way to go with the carb loaded breakfast. I got there sat for half an hour got called up to the desk and asked why I was there. I told them and walked back to my seat wondering how on earth they didn't know because I had to make an apointment for this. Then the lab tech came out and I got to drink that sugar junk in the waiting room, while 3 small kids begged their parrents for some too. Then I sat. For what felt like forever. I looked at my phone and realised that I had been sitting there for close to an hour and a half. So my one hour test had quickly become two. The lab girl came back out shortly after that and called me back. She stuck me and fished around twice and only managed to get a small drop of blood. Not even enough to fill the tip of the vial. She consulted about 5 people and they had mixed reactions, my favorite being " Why wont she bleed more?" Like I had anything to do with it. I hope they got enough. But I'm pretty sure I'll have to do it agian, either that or I failed royally. *sigh*


Kelli said...

Hmmmm....sounds like somebody didn't have all their ducks in a row. That would tick me off...just my opinion, though. Incompetence drives me batty. :)

Whenever I've had my GTTs done (I've had 3 with this pregnancy and several before), they always take 2 or 3 vials of blood, might have to do it again. Maybe not...but that's just been my experience. Fingers crossed that you don't!!

But if you do, stay on top of the office staff to get you back there in plenty of time and make them aware that you are a 'hard stick' so that they can allot you some extra time. And don't be afraid to ask for a different lab tech either. There is only ONE lady at my doc's office who can ever get it just right when it come to my labs. I'm sure I'm a pain for them to deal with but that's too bad! :) That's their job.

BTW: You also might try drinking lots of water the day and night before and the morning of your next test if you have to redo it...and wash your hands and wrists well with warm water just before your blood draw to get the blood least that's what I always have to do when my labs come around.

Hope all this advice was just a waste of time and that your little drop of blood was enough! :)


Anonymous said...

chic, join the club and well i would like to say it gets better but i can;t so i won;t, i am afraid you got that jinx from me once again lol SORRY but i LOVE YOU :)