Thursday, April 8, 2010

19 weeks.

Okay almost, but I really wanted to write an update. :)

Things we have for baby:

2 boxes of diapers

Some soap and toiletry stuff

a couple of blankets

a sleeper

one onesie

a few toys

An Exersaucer

Crib is ordered and should be here in about 2 months. Here is a pic of the one we ordered. Hub's dad bought it for us. I was very surprised and thankful. ( It came from direct buy, Hub's aunt S has a membership. )

I'm itching to start getting more things but I will wait to get more stuff until after the 19th, when we have our ultrasound and find out if this little person is a boy or a girl.

So far this week I haven't been very hungry, but at the same time I'm starving. I know that sounds weird. Nothing tastes good, NOTHING!! I get full after just a few bites, I think because what I am eating doesn't taste good.

My feet swelled a little bit a couple of times last week. One day Hub and I were working in the yard. I kept having to sit down because I was really hot and I noticed my feet were puffy. Then it did it again on Easter. We went to Hub's Great Uncle's house and ate too much food, and got fussed over because of the baby. It was a nice day.

I'm feeling the baby move more and more. It's not just swishes now, sometimes I feel real kicks. Hub got to feel it a couple of times too, but the baby likes to stop moving when he puts his hand on my belly.

Yesterday morning Buddy jumped up in bed with me and put his head on my belly ( his new favorite pillow) and fell asleep and started snoring. The baby went nuts in there kicking and punching and wiggling all around. Buddy must have felt it because he woke up and looked at me then put his head back very softly. It was pretty cool.
They are bonding.

It's been a hard week but things around here are starting to slowly feel normal again.

Hope everyone had a good Easter.


Minta said...

I am going through the exact same thing on the appetite front. So frustrating!

That crib is gorgeous! What an awesome gift!

That's cool that the hubs is feeling movement!

Kelli said...

Beautiful bed! And it's so nice that you're already getting stuff...Baby S will be well-stocked when (s)he arrives. :)

The eating thing totally makes sense...that's happened to me more than once. It bugged me to death til I found something I really wanted to with the weight piling on all too easily, I'm wishing for those times again! ;p

Glad things are better for you and that you enjoyed Easter. Just think of the fun the next holidays will bring with Baby S in tow!


pregnant in Manhattan said...

what a lovely crib!

And lucky you that your husband can feel the movement too.

I'm at 19 wks as well and have been feeling some kicks here and there but nothing I can feel from the outside. Can't wait for that moment!