Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Monday. Time for some procrastination!

So I'm in the middle of cleaning up the mess that the weekend created, and I needed a break.

It was another busy weekend. We fixed up the yard more. There's grass seed now and soon there wont be dirt everywhere! The back yard was one big bald spot. I've been trying to water it with out causing too many mud puddles.

Ive still got loads of laundry to do, I need to clean the kitchen, and I need to mop up all the mud Hub and Buddy tracked in. There's foot prints everywhere. Right now though all I want to do is sit here and feel the baby move. I can't believe that next week we will know if the baby is and Isabella or a Jackson. :) I can't wait.

Well I'd better get moving. I've got lots to do. And I'm hungry... again.


Kelli said...

Awwww...Preslie was almost an 'Isabella'! :) And I LOVE the name 'Jackson', too. How exciting that you'll be finding out so soon!!!

Anonymous said...

ya know what they say about procrastination chic hmmmmmmm