Monday, April 26, 2010


This was a big weekend. Jack kicked his Daddy for the very first time. Hub had felt him roll before but this time he put his hand on my belly and WHAP! Jack kicked him. Then Whap! he did it again just so there was no doubt it was him and he meant business. We just laughed, and for the rest of the day all I could think was, Wow! Jack is big enough to kick someone else too.

On Friday night we did our baby registry. It was fun going through and picking out things for our baby. For the first time I felt like I belonged in Ba*bie*s R U*s, and in the baby section in Tar*get. Which is sort of silly, because I've been buying diapers and things like that for a couple of months now. I still have to go back and edit them online since Hub went overboard and scanned every blue thing he could find but its pretty much done.

On Saturday his crib came in. We weren't really expecting it for at least another month, but there it was so we went to pick it up. It is beautiful, even more so then the picture in the catalog. We had to take it out of the box to fit it in our SUV, so when we got it home Hub put it up. I didn't think we would be doing that so soon either, but we did. I was holding one of the sides steady, and I just broke out crying. Hub asked me what was wrong and I told him that I thought we would never get to do that. I honestly thought I would never be a Mom, no matter how badly I wanted it. Now everyday I feel my little baby Jack kick and wiggle and snuggle in there, and I can't believe how lucky I am to be here. I tell him every day that he is my little miracle, and no baby any where in the world has ever been loved or wanted more.

Right now I'm stuck on the couch because my hip and lower back are killing me and it hurts to walk. I think I slept wrong or maybe things are just stretching out. Either way it hurts! So after this I think I'm going to go try and soak in the tub and maybe take some Tylenol. Hope everyone had a good week end.

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Kelli said...

Wow! Sounds like your weekend WAS amazing! :)

Mike did the same thing with our registry (in pink, of course) was just too sweet, so I let him at it and then did the editing thing, too. And the crib! What a great surprise! Jack is such a blessed little guy already.

Hope you're feeling better now...take good care of YOU!