Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Award! :)


Minta tagged me to do this, so I am. Because it's way better than doing the mountain of laundry downstairs!

So, the rules (and there are ALWAYS rules!) : I have to say 10 things about myself then give this award to 10 fellow bloggers. Here we go.
I'll try my best, but I don't think I have 10. :(

10 Things About Me:

1. As I type this My pointer finger is throbbing, because I am a giant klutz and slammed it in the door. ( I do that stuff all the time!)
2. I talk to my dog like he has the ability to talk back.
3. I try to make everyone laugh, even though I'm not that funny.
4. We have 3 broken windows in our house, and I'm pretty sure the landlord isn't going to fix them like he said he would, when we moved in.
5. I just found a lilac bush in my yard and I did a happy dance.
6. The night we put up Jack's crib, Hub found a leak in the roof in his room.
7. I need to go to the store because we have no lunch stuff in the house.
8. I still miss my grandparents everyday. They've both been dead for at least 5 years.
9. I dropped out of art school because I was bored, and the people weirded me out.
10. We are planting a huge garden this year. ( If the seeds grow into plants.)

Ok, so onto the blogs!

Pregnant in NYC



And anyone else that is still reading this. :)

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pregnant in Manhattan said...

It's the every day stuff that is revealing about people, I think :)

thanks for posting this!

Will have to do my list soon.