Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thanks Friends!

For putting up with and answering all my questions. : )

I was leaning toward not getting the optional tests, I just didn't want to do the wrong thing. Thanks for all of your answers. No matter what the results said we wouldn't do anything to end our very wanted pregnancy. So those tests wouldn't change anything for us either. I just didn't know if they really were something we should be doing, and since I have yet to talk to the Dr, I haven't really gotten any of my questions answered. Hopefully that will change on Monday, or I might just have to look for another OB.

Thank you all for being so helpful and supportive!


pregnant in Manhattan said...

Hi there- thanks for finding my blog and how exciting that we're both PCOS'ers due around the same time!

I chose to have the NT scan done not because we'd even consider terminating, but because if anything did show up it'd give us time to prepare, research and be save a little more in that eventuality. I think it just depends on your personality type- whether you like to have all your info, and be prepared, or whether you're the type who's more spontaneous and goes with the flow...

look forward to following your journey!

Minta said...

I'm also leaning towards not getting the tests, but I did kind of want to get the NT scan. Not because termination is even close to a consideration for us, but because I heard the scan itself is really cool and I really want to sneak in another ultrasound. But, our insurance coverage for it is weird and it would just cause more stress waiting/worrying about results.

Hopefully your doc points you in the right direction for you.