Tuesday, February 16, 2010

11 weeks and counting.

I had my first OB appointment today. I only saw the nurse. Hub and I were hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat, but all we got to do was answer about a million medical history questions, oh and I got my blood drawn. I was a little disappointed. I go back on the 1st and I actually get to see the doctor.

Things in pregnancy land are pretty much the same, with the exception of one new symptom. I get dizzy if I stand up too quickly. I'm sorta used to that though it happened alot in high school, because I'm so tall it takes a while for the blood to reach my brain... sorta like a giraffe. lol.

We managed to make our insanely high heat bill go down by 100 dollars. YAY! we put up plastic on most of our windows and hub used spray insulation on a few places, and he made a door like thing to keep the draft from coming out the chimney when we aren't using it. I was so happy that I screamed a little when I saw it.

Hub and I had a really nice Valentines day. We went about half an hour away to a big mall so I could have Chinese food for lunch. Then we walked around the mall, which was cool because it was mostly outlets, and I got to look at really cute baby things, and I got new shoes because mine were falling apart. Then we came back here and went out for Lebanese food for dinner. It was great. Hub got me an orchid plant and beautiful roses and a card that made me cry. He made me feel really special. It was nice because we have missed alot of valentines day's because Hub was underway.

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