Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Weeks and Counting.

Today my baby is a fetus, according to the baby book. I am so amazed that I made it here.

This week most of my symptoms have been here so long that I hardly notice them anymore. I'm really lucky, because I haven't been very sick at all, mostly just tired. I still have only gotten sick a couple of times, and it is always because I smell something awful, like the garbage can.

The constipation is getting a little better. I have no idea why that is. But I am very thankful for it.

I woke up this morning to Hub holding me and rubbing my belly, that's just starting to poke out. He kisses and talks to my belly. He's so happy. I feel so loved.

I need to start taking belly pictures. I want to have that to look back at later.

On another note, I went to work this morning and was told my services were no longer needed. I don't don't know why, I didn't do anything to deserve being fired, but I was. And you know what... I don't really care. I had decided to stop looking for a job because we found out I am pregnant, and this job called me that morning. We are fortunate enough not to need the money, because hub has a good job. But, I took it thinking it would be something I could do so I wouldn't be bored home alone all day. It was the most boring job I have ever had, and most of the people there were not good people, and were honestly pretty ignorant (the owner included.) Not a good quality in an accountant if you ask me. I was honestly counting the days till tax season was over so I could just be done with the job. So I will be taking care of the house and the dogs and the baby and Hub and me. I couldn't be happier about that. I just hope they don't hire someone else that really needs the job, and fire them 3 weeks later, because I get the impression that is what they do. The other receptionist constantly told me about people they fired, including one they fired for putting the toilet paper on backwards. (no I'm not kidding...) I hope they don't do that to someone who needs the job and has been out of work like a lot of people are here.


Kelli said...

What a sorry place to work! I say that you're well rid of them. Now you can just focus on what's most and the hubs and baby S! :)

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling well! And what a precious bond for your hubs to already have with baby S...I love it. Happy 10 weeks! :)

jill said...

Happy 10 weeks! Sorry about the job but happy to hear you are glad to be rid of it.

Anonymous said...

soon chicy you will feel it move, at first you will not realize what it is, think gas or something but no don't fart lol
i can't wait until you feel it :) and hook up your web cam cause i want to see that tummy lol
love you