Monday, February 22, 2010

Prenatal testing.

The more I read the more confused I get!

The doctor's office sent me home with a sheet full of optional tests they offer, to decide if I want them, and a head full of questions about them and no one to answer them for me until next Monday. I have no idea how to choose. On the one hand I want to do everything in my power to make sure things are going good in there. On the other hand, I don't want un-needed testing.

Right now I'm trying to decide if the First Screening is a good idea, or if I need it. The deadline is drawing close to have this test and I can't seem to find any information that tells me if I need it. Did anyone else have it? If so, and its not to much to ask what made you decide to have it?

I want to have another ultrasound soon, I know most offices do one around 12 weeks (I'll be just over 13 at my next apt.) but the nurse didn't say anything about me having one then. She wasn't very helpful at all and I didn't get to ask any questions. So now I'm left wondering and waiting till Monday I guess. I sort of miss my Re's office, they always let me know what was going on, and answered my questions at least. *Sigh*


Mrs. Brown said...

I do believe that none of the testing is necessary, it just depends on what you want to know, and it's not always correct. Although if there is a test that is just an ultrasound, I might do it just to get an extra one :) Although I have never been pregnant so not speaking fro experience, just thoughts out load...or written :)

Jill said...

Personally, I decided not to get any of those tests. If something was found, you're right, it's not always correct and more testing would be needed. I probably wouldn't want those additional invasive (potentially dangerous) tests and would not choose to abort a baby anyway. I felt like all it would do is worry me unnecessarily when it wouldn't change whether I would have the baby or not. If something is wrong when the baby is born, God forbid, we will have plenty of time to learn and deal then. Just my personal thought process, it's not going to be the same reasoning for everyone!

Kelli said...

Like Jill, we didn't do any of the testing for the same reasons. It is an absolutely personal decision, though, and I'm sure you'll find those who are huge advocates of it.

My thoughts were that it didn't matter what they found...we wouldn't ever terminate our pregnancy...and that the tests aren't always right so why stress myself out over something that is out of my control. Some of them are mildly invasive and have minor risks, too, (Like the amnio) and I'm not willing to take ANY risks after all that we've been through. That said, it is ultimately up to you andteh have to do what you're most comfortable with. Also, at your 20 week anantomy u/s (the one where they can tell you the gender if you want to know), they check all the limbs and organs and bone structure, etc., and could tell you them if there is an obvious physical issue if you want to know...and you get to really 'see' your baby, too!

Sorry that you're not getting the answers/support that you need. I tend to ask way to many questions, call the nurses line all the time and generally make a nuisance of myself it I need to...if I need answers to my questions or concerns,that's what they are there for. And if they get tired of me, so what? This is the most important thing in my life and I'm not taking 'no' or ' I don't know' for an answer, you know? Don't be afraid to push for the answers or info that you need. Tell 'em your bloggy friend told you that it was okay to be a nuisiance. :)

Hang in there, my friend! You're gonna be a great momma! :)