Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloggy stuff I should probably know... but I don't.

I have a couple of questions, and if anyone knows the answers that would be cool.

How do I know how many people look at my blog? I know how to see followers but I sorta want to know if there are other people you know?

Also, I've seen a few people refer to things people have searched and found their blog. I think it would be neat to know that, so how do I find that?



jill said...

Pretty sure that google analytics does all of that stuff. You have to sign up for an account which is free.. I think. I've been meaning to set up an account but I haven't yet so I don't have any experience to share.

You can also use but this does not show search terms as far as I'm aware.

jenn said...

Thanks Jill! Your so smart! :)

Jill said...

I have found Site Meter to be easier to use and understand than google anayltics. It is free and you can easily put a meter on your site and get daily or weekly reports and also go to their site and check your stats anytime. I like that I can go there and find out who is on my blog at any given time!

Minta said...

Wordpress has a built in dashboard that tells visitors and search terms. Google Analytics is way better, though.

Kelli said...

I second (or, third or fourth or whatever) Goog.le Anay.ltics. I also have a Sit.emeter and a Traf.fic Fee.djit...but I'm just anal like that. :D