Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby S.

The Ultrasound tech assured us that the heart beat was very strong, but I was so floored seeing that perfect little flicker and how much bigger the baby got that I forgot to ask how many beats per minute it was. I am so unbelievably happy its insane. Hub and I had been so worried about this little person that I felt like I couldn't breath. Then magically everything was okay. I go to my primary care doctor on Monday to get a referral to an OBGYN. This weekend I will be checking them all out.


Kelli said...

BEAUTIFUL!! :) Isn't that heartbeat the most wonderful sound in the world??

I hope that you find a great OB...I love mine and couldn't be happier with her (and most of the others in the office). I think it makes a big difference in the whole experience when you have a good provider.

Yay for healthy babies!

Mrs. Brown said...

So exciting!! Congrats again and again!! Your baby looks beautiful!!