Thursday, January 21, 2010

one week

Asking a pregnant person to wait for two weeks to see what is going on in her uterus is insane. Just so you know...

I am in the middle of yet another kind of two week wait. ( Just when I thought I was done with those.) Next Thursday I get to see inside and check up on the baby(s). I can't wait. I've moved right into the nervous worried side of things. I keep worrying that I've lost the baby(s) and I don't even know. I know that is an insane thought, because these days water gives me heartburn, and I almost throw up when I use q tips in the morning, also I cant stay awake past 8 pm to save my life. I just want that reassurance you know? Also I would like to know if squiggly bubble number 2 (@ about 5 o'clock in the photo) is a baby... or not. And if not what is it? I sorta wish that there was a porthole in my belly so I could see in side.

Warning TMI....

My work pants are getting really tight. I mean uncomfortable it sit in all day. I got myself a belly band last week and I might actually have to start using it. I think my pants aren't fitting because I am so constipated. I may just have to call the Dr and ask what I can do to fix it. Ive tried everything that I can think of from more fruit to force feeding myself water. Nothing is working, and it hasn't been for about 2 1/2 weeks. Anyone one know what I should try? Anything work for any of you?


Kelli said...

Oh, I hope that this week FLIES by for you! I completely understand your fear and nervousness (as I still deal with it daily :D)'s just the IF talking, I'm sure. If you find a way to work out that porthole thingy, let me know...I'll happily be the next in line. :)

For the other part...God bless us. This constipation mess SUCKS. Really. The only thing that I've found that really, consistantly helps is fruit (dried plums/prunes or apples/applesauce) everyday (whether I want it or not...and I usually DON'T) and probiotic capsules(like acidophilus). The other stuff (even approved meds like peri-colace) don't help me at all. The fruit/probiotics combo isn't a cure-all by any means but it has given me some relief. You should ask your doc about the capsules at your next appt. if you're unsure...or call the nurse if you think you'll explode by then. :) Walking daily has helped some, too, but you're probably too tired to add any extra exercise just yet.

Oh, and FYI...if you do go the probiotics route, be ready for some serious gas before the, uh...movement??...starts. It's the natural bacteria cleaning out your system to get things going again.

Hope you can enjoy the next week and not be too stressed...and that you feel better soon. Welcome to the joys of pregnancy, my friend! ;D

Anonymous said...

prunes chicy prunes, you use to love baby prunes LOL

Anonymous said...

BTW chic, I was thinking this is the week for your ultra sound i just told jeremy that but came to your page to check the date you put your ultra sound on, it does seem like 2 weeks, don't worry chic everything IS going to be ok, DO not get yourself all stressed out that is not good, i will do the worrying for both of us :) Love you

Minta said...

Unfortunately doctors don't seem to be too concerned with our need "to know NOW." :(

I am also having issues in the pants department (partially constipation and partially Heparin shots). I did break down and buy some maternity pants and a belly band. Haven't used the band, yet.

For the constipation, water and fruit help. The thing that helps me most is water and fruit and walking. Exercise gets ya movin...

Anonymous said...

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