Monday, March 8, 2010

Tales from a good but long week.


It all started last Monday, when I had my OB apt. I met the Dr finally, he is awesome! We sat and talked and I finally got my questions answered. Then we went into an exam room to hear the baby's heart. He tried for the longest five minutes of my life to find it and couldn't. So he kicked the people out of the ultra sound room and in less then three seconds I was on the table, and I couldn't see the screen. I think I might have turned gray. Hub was standing there and the first words out of his mouth were, "Can you print that out?" So I knew everything must have been okay. I wiggled and found a position that I could see the screen in. The baby was jumping around too much to get a good reading with the Doppler. After I saw our little person jumping and wiggling and kicking all over the place, my heart started beating again. We have a little wiggle worm on our hands. Everything with the baby looks great. ( I'll put up the new ultrasound when I scan it.)

This last week was so busy, I hardly sat. I bought a gift for the first baby shower that I will go to since the IF started. I'm excited. It is very hard buying a gift for someone who you've only met once. ( It's one of Hub's cousins.) They didn't have a great registry. There were tons of toys and DVD's and pretty much nothing that was going to be of any use to them at all. So I got them a diaper bag and filled it with a bunch of supplies and cute onesies. It got me thinking that soon enough Hub and I will have to do our registry, and I hope we do a better job of it then they did. I also bought a gift for our baby. I couldn't help it. I got it a submarine tub toy. I had to get it because hub is a submariner, and it might have be the cutest baby toy I've ever seen.

I had a lot to do around the house. I think because being here all day looking at it has made me notice all the little things that I normally wouldn't see. So I spent much of the week doing that stuff. I'm itching to start spring cleaning and clean out the closets, and get rid of all the useless junk we have collected. I really need to clean out my closet and the closet that is in the baby's room.

Then Saturday we finally got a glimpse of spring. It was almost 50 degrees, and sunny. Hub got us tickets to see Alice in Wonderland. It was great! Then we came home and took the dogs for a really long walk. There is a park full of trails near our house. It goes along a river through the woods and all the trails are paved. It was nice to get some fresh air and the dogs really loved it too. I can't wait till we can do that more often.

Yesterday we made plans for sprucing up the out side of our house and planting flowers and a veggie garden. I love spring, and can't wait until spring and its beautiful weather is here to stay. Also, yesterday our laptop crashed. Hub spent the day redoing it so I've lost all my book marks. Please leave a comment so I can find you all again!

Well I should go clean up and get ready to go get some groceries.


Kelli said...

Just when I start to wonder where you've gone, you write a great post and catch me up! :)

So very glad to hear that your appointment went well and that your Dr. is so good! Hooray! And I know what you mean about having a mover. Just wait til you can feel all that wiggling! It's the best!!

I just did a post about our was completely overwhelming for me (of course, I'm a wienie!).

We're spring cleaning, too, and it feels great. Enjoy the shower (your gift will be very appreciated, I'm sure!) and be sure to take some time for yourself, busy lady. Talk to you again, soon!

Minta said...

Holy crap! It's a million wonders you didn't lose it waiting all that time! I'm so glad that all turned out to be well, though.

pregnant in Manhattan said...

yay for a good dr's appt.

Hope you're feeling better and enjoying the 2Tri!

Mrs. Brown said...

How scary and exciting all at the same time. i am so happy everything is going well for you!!