Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleep.... Who needs that?

I do! For the second night in a row I was awake from 2:30ish am until about 5am then I woke up for good at 7:30 am. Yesterday it didn't affect me much but I'm very tired today. Yesterday I cleaned and scrubbed half the house, and vowed to do the other half today. All I've managed to get done is collecting up all the dishes and cups from around the house, and put the laundry in the drier.

I'm sitting on the couch feeling the baby dance all around right now. He / She really likes when I eat, afterwards the baby dances all around.

After the craziness of last week things this week have been really good. The baby moves alot when I'm relaxing. My mom and Hub's Aunt S ( with help from his mom) are both throwing us showers. My mom is throwing us one in June at home in NH, and I'm not sure when Aunt S will have that one. I am amazed and happy how many people already love little baby S and I tell him/her so every day.

My next OB appointment is on Monday, I hope everything goes well and the doc is over what ever his issues were. I want to know when the big ultra sound will be I want to know if baby S is a boy or a girl. Not that it matters either way we will be thrilled. I just want to know so I can plan and buy things and register, and not have to call the baby wiggle worm, monkey, seed, or it anymore.

We bought a Doppler and it came in the mail yesterday. I played with it and found the baby and my mom got to hear the baby's heartbeat yesterday. It was really quiet though. Turns out I was thinking the baby was lower then in it is. This morning when I woke up I tried it and it worked great. ( full bladder.) Hub recorded the heartbeat on his phone. While we were listening to the thump thump, Hub talked to the baby. The baby's heart rate went up every time he did. It was pretty cool. I'm quickly running out of the gel stuff though because they only sent a sample size tube of it. So if anyone knows where I can get more or if I could use something else I would love to know.

Oh well I'm going to try and get the dishes done before Hub gets home. Then maybe I'll take a nap.

Also I finally scaned the ultrasound I had 4 weeks ago. Here it is. : )


jill said...

Good to hear everything is going well. I hope you're able to sleep better soon. I know I would hardly be able to function on so little.

Jill said...

First, I was having a really hard time with waking up and staying up in the middle of the night. I got a big body pillow designed for pregnancy and it has been SO helpful! I get a little bit of a sore back from it but always sleep through the night when I use it! So worth the mild back discomfort when I'm not falling to sleep all day.

Second, my doppler works great with a little lotion or even just water. It's so nice to have, huh?!