Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catch up.

It's been an other busy week here. Spring has finally came! YAY! so I've been trying to spend as much time outside as I can taking the dogs for walks, and cleaning things on the back porch. Also spring cleaning has started here. Soon I will plant flowers in the planters out front ( note to self... buy dirt...).

Yesterday I went out and got some more maturnity clothes. I had a wardrobe malfunction while grocery shopping on Monday. Lets just say my belly pushed down my last pair of fitting pants and kept spronging up my shirt, so I really cant wear those any more. I went to some area thrift stores in search of cute clothes and I found a fairly new exersaucer for $4! So I bought that after checking in my handy phone to see if it had been recalled. That was the first "big" baby purchase we've made. I spent yesterday afternoon taking it apart and cleaning everything and washing the maturnity clothes I had found. It was a pretty satisfing day.

In other baby S news. I felt him/her move!!! I've been feeling something there for about a week and a half, but I thought I was crazy so I wrote it off as gas. Then last night I was on the couch with Hub watching L*ost and the baby rolled around for about 10 minutes and I felt it jab me too. I don't think I can deny that those "gas bubbles" are the baby after that. It was so amazing. I have spent most of this morning trying to make him/her move agian. No luck though.

I am making a blanket for the baby. I hope when its done it will look like this . I have almost got the yellow part done, and so far I'm happy to say that even with my minimal crocheting skills it looks like a star! I'll post a pic when I am done with it.

Also I promise to scan my last ultra sound photo soon. It's just that by the time I get everything else done I'm so tired and the couch swallows me whole. So I just sit and stare at it across the room on the entertainment center.

Hope everyone is having a good week! Happy Spring!


Kelli said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad that you're feeling Baby S move! Isn't it amazing?!

FYI: To get Miss P to moving, I'll drink some very cold water or some juice, wait a few minutes and lay down on my side (on the couch). She usually (but not always) complies unless I've had a super lazy day where she's been awake a lot instead of being lulled to sleep by lots of movement.

Just wait til your hubs can feel will totally freak him out. :)

Congrats on the great baby/maternity finds...that's awesome! Hope you enjoy all that you got (especially since you got such a good deal!). Cute blanket, too!

Don't sink too far into that couch, makes it far too easy just to stay there. ;p

Minta said...

I love that blanket. Will you be totally pissed if I'm a big fat copy cat and do it, too? (I really won't if you will... and I won't be pissy about it.)

Isn't it awesome feeling those early movements:) I don't feel it very often, but am hoping it picks up soon!!!