Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watch Me Shrink...

Ok... I stayed the same... I still weigh 207... I'm happy about it, at least I didn't gain.

I started doing my strength training yesterday and I. AM. SORE.!

If your interested, this is what I did:









Yes... I did do all of this yesterday. I know what your thinking, WHY?! Well, I had to try them out and see if they were good exercises. They are, I know this because EVERYTHING hurts.

My plan is to do arms and abs one day, then butt and legs the next, on days that I don't run. I'm sticking to week two, of the couch to 10k this week.

My goals this week:

* To exercise everyday, except for Sunday.
* To drink more water. ( Yeah I'm still failing at this... but it's really hard, and I never should have stopped.)
* I am going to eat a salad everyday, in an effort to get more veggies in my diet.
* I would like to lose 2 pounds this week.

Oh, does anyone knows how to make a link people can click on?

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jill said...

Yay for weight staying the same! Sometimes that's all I hope for :) Good luck with your weight routine - is that something you do at your house or do you go to the gym?

I'm not sure if you create new posts with the same interface I do but, if you do:
When typing your post, type the word(s) you want to be the link. Then highlight those words and click on the button at the top that looks like a little green globe... wearing a hat (haha). For me, it's right next to the text color button and it says "Link" when you mouse over it. When you click that it will ask for a web address and whatever you have highlighted in the text will become a link to that address.

Hope that helps :)