Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect Weekend... Almost... Also Holy Parentheses!

This weekend was one for the record books. We spent a good portion of it at the beach, in the beautiful, crystal clear, warm waters of the gulf of Mexico. Hub ran a 5K and I cheered him on, and we went to a Seafood Festival. Amazing.


We got up before the sun, got in the car and went downtown. Hub ran a 5k race and I cheered him on. I didn't run because I don't think I could run for the whole time, especially in the heat, also, there was a $25 a person buy in. Yeah... in my world that $25 dollars could go to buy a new outfit or shoes, or food, not to pay to have the privilege to run a race, and lose, because you know I'm not a world class athlete or anything. No thank you! ( P.S. this one did not benefit a charity. If it did than it might have been different.)

That's hub crossing the finish line at the 5k.

After the race we came back to our hotel room, and got cleaned up, and went to the Seafood Festival. I have to be honest, I Come from a place where our Seafood Fest is THE EVENT of the year. There are thousands of vendors and amazing food. So I set the bar high... a little too high. This one was nothing like that. It was about 2000 people crammed into a neighborhood park, with about 300 vendors, and not a whole lot of shade. Also, it was nowhere near the ocean. The food was expensive com paired to the 5 or 10 bucks I used to pay back home, and the worst part is that you had to order a whole meal, with sides, instead of getting to try alot of little things. But Hub and I still had fun.

After the eating fest, we went to the beach. I didn't have anything remotely like a bathing suit on but it was so hot I went swimming in a skirt and tank top. We found the most beautiful sea shells we have found anywhere. We collect them and use them to decorate our house, we have some from every beach we have ever been to. While hunting for shells under water ( because the bigger shells are to heavy to wash ashore) Hub swam into a jelly fish and got stung. (He was okay and it turned out to be not too bad of a sting.) We rushed out of the water and when we got to the sand a man told us he would be fine. (Even though I grew up on the beach I never had jelly fish issues... so I didn't really know.) The nice man also explained that there were turtles in the water eating the jelly fish. Hub trudged right back into the ocean to see the turtle. He said it was the closest he'd ever been to one. I saw it from the beach.


We went back to the beach, and continued hunting for shells. This time I wore a swim suit. We had been there for about two hours when hub called me over to look at something in the water. He was using the goggles to hunt for shells in the water and occasionally he finds a school of fish or some other cool thing and he gives me the goggles to look at it. I was on my way over to him and I felt this thing pinch my foot between my second and third toe. I assume it was a crab. It hurt so bad I was hysterical! We left the beach because my foot was bleeding and swelling, and I was in alot of pain. Let me tell you Internet, for such a little injury that thing sure did hurt alot! Now the top of my foot is all bruised, but its okay, and doesn't really hurt any more.

We learned an important lesson, the Gulf of Mexico is full of angry sea creatures, and we should be careful not to get to close to them.

I have made the decision to move my weigh ins to Tuesday. Mostly because the only scale I have access to is at the gym, and I work out in the afternoons on Monday. So check back tomorrow for my first real weigh in since I left VA.

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