Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello! Remember Me?

It's been a busy cupple of weeks! Lets see, I packed up our home in VA and headed north west to Detroit. I got mistaken for a hooker by a crak head in Pittsburgh. I spent a week with my in-laws in Michigan and I had a good time. We made our way slowly south to Florida, with stops in Cinncinnati and Nashville. I got to scratch two of the Places to see before I die off my list. ( Nashville and the Gulf Coast.) I got alot closer to Hub and I feel like we've made up for some of that lost time. Oh and I turned 24 yesterday. Get popcorn and a tastey beverage, settle into a comphy spot and get ready for a long and sometimes funny post. Oh there will be pictures!

Part One : Goodbye Virginia!

That is me, inside my ex-fridge, scrubbing it. No it wasn't dirty really, I'm just one of those people who are finatcial about makeing sure we get our security deposit back. We slept on an air bed or a week and I cleaned and Hub finished up at work. We also vistied all of the places we knew we would miss.

Goodbye Virginia Beach! We will miss you!

Part Two: Pittsburgh.

There are no pictures of this part.

Because the drive to Detroit was about 10 or more hours, and we were in two seperate cars at that point, we broke it up in to two legs. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh falls somewhere around the middle of that journey. Sorry if I offeneded anyone who might live there. Okay, no I'm really not. The people I met there were batshit crazy. Including the man who walked up behind me as I waited outside the bagel place with our dogs, for Hub to get our breakfast.

The night we got to Pittsburgh it was about 6:30, and we were starving! So after cleaning up a little bit, and taking the dogs out. We hit the street to find something to eat. I saw a lot of promising looking places while lost and driving around the same three blocks looking for the parking garage that the hotel staff said was out side of the hotel, PS, it was under it. But to our supprise we soon found that they had all closed at 5pm. Even McDonnalds. Yeah, you read that right. All of the businesses closed at or before 5, every single one in the city, except for a few dive bars. That's where we ended up. In a smokey dive bar, with the most discusting food you can immagine. I ordered a salad, and it was ineatable. I'll leave it at that.

The next morning, Hub and I were still starving, so off we went to a bagel place. Hub went in, and I waited outside with Ty and Buddy. While I was out there, I heard this man yelling from down the street, "How Much!?" Over and over. I didn't think He was talking to me. He couldn't be. Why would he be? There I was, standing out side of the bagel place, in my ratty traveling clothes. Dogs tangleing me up with they're leashes. The crazy man walked right up to me, and said, and I quote, "Oh your married, I thought you were a hooker." Then he staggered off.

I was pretty floored. to say the least, Hub came out and I told him what had happened and he hugged me and we went back to the cars and left. Also right then we crossed Pittsburgh off our list of places to go back to.

Part Three: Michigan.

After the crazyness in Pittsburgh, we headded off to Detroit. We saw all kinds of family and never sat still not for even one minute. But somehow it was relaxing. We went to two diffrent cider mills, in the search for the best cider and doughnuts. The best ones were up by Hub's Grandparrent's house. It had been about three years since either of us had cider, so that was a real treat. We went to the Romeo peach festival, and it was alot of fun. That picture above is of Hub, me, and my sister in-law. waiting for the prarade to start.

Sadly at the end of the week, we had to leave Detroit, and our dogs behind. I miss them alot.

Part Four: Cinncinnati

When we left, Michigan, we made our way slowly south. We stopped the first night in Cinncinati. They had a street party that night, and we had some really good food. Cinncinati was a really nice stop over.

Part Five: Nashville In Pictures.

That's me on stage at the Ryman. That was a life long dream come true.

That night we went out and hit the clubs on Broadway. Immagine my supprise when we walked into The Stage and this is who we saw singing:

We will be going back to Nashville on the way back up to Michigan, and I can't wait!


jill said...

Glad you are having a good time :) (but :( about the hooker comment - what a weird situation)

I love your dress in the pic of you on stage!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday!!

We also love Nashville! I'm about 3 hours from there and it makes a great weekend getaway. :) Last time we were there visiting some friends, we went out the eat at a local restaurant and Reba McIntyre was there! Talk about starstruck! You never know who you are going to see...

Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey. Safe travels!