Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Road trips and Broken Hubs.

We got back from a random and really fun road trip yesterday. We had planned to hang out around the area and maybe go to the water park, but hub sprained his ankle last Monday, at work. I spent the better part of two days running around to various doctors with him to make sure it wasn't broken. Only Navy Docs would send you home for the night "Walk it off Sailor... you'll be okay..." ( no one was there to read his Xrays at 3pm... so yeah lesson learned ... don't hurt one's self after noon... cause no docs will be there to fix it...) After we discovered Hub is only mildly broken we didn't know what to do with our time off. ( We had planned this escape like a month ago...) So we got online and found a drive in theater like 2 hours away. Hub booked a room at Ye ole Inn of Holiday... and we drove.

We got there all ready to see Up and Land of the Lost (even though we saw that when it came out... see it ... its funny. ) I pulled up to the door and let Cripple ( what I'm affectionately calling Hub for the time being) out. The desk lady ran over to the door and started spraying air freshener like there was no tomorrow. Like the hole can! OMFG! ALOT OF IT! I parked the truck and walked in and began choking. Because believe it or not the 6 gallons of air freshener and the 20 open paint cans on the floor couldn't possibly cover the smell. I can only describe the smell as a rather large family of very dead vermin ( IE Possums... just guessing... but hey we were in the middle of Nowheresville NC) The smell took over the whole place... even our room... the dirtiest "suite" you could imagine... so we turned back around told the air freshener lady thanks but we wont be staying here and left. And you know what Internet? She actually asked us why we wouldn't stay there. I swear to god!

So Back on the road again we went and ended up in Durham NC. Where we drove past Duke uni. While stopped next to it I turned to Hub and said, " I smeel farter already" ... yup classic... I put my foot in my mouth that fast. After getting lost because Lola ( our GPS... yes I name inanimate objects... so?) apparently had no idea where on earth we were, we made it to the hotel, and I am proud to say this one was Possum free! YAY!

We went out and had pizza, good pizza and we decided to continue our trip and go down to Myrtle Beach SC. Hud hopped on his phone and made us reservations in a nice room in the same chain of hotels, just like that... like it was nothing. And because we had only packed for one night away we went to a Super Target. yeah... I had no idea! I want one! BAD! If you haven't guessed I <3 me some target.

We went back to the hotel and swam in the pool. That was so much fun.

We got up and I had what was not the most diet friendly breakfast, S&V chips... *drool...* and off we went again...

Myrtle Beach was so much fun although we took it easy and didn't do to much. We hung out at the pool till our room was ready, and I got some color. So now I'm white... not transparent. The room was nice and it had a big fluffy bed that ate you alive. We went out to the beach for some lunch and beer for Hub. Then we relaxed and got cleaned up and Hub took me to Margaretaville for dinner. WHOO FUN! Okay so I let loose and got a little drunk... but hell why not. It was vacation. We walked around the little shopping area for a little while then we went back to the beach for some cheap souvenirs and ice cream.

It was nice getting away from it all.

Meanwhile, we finally gave in and bought 2 i... phones still waiting for those to be delivered, and I want my toy now... * pout*... oh well. I'm off to make dinner, we're having Jerk Chicken.

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