Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, and other things!

Hello poor neglected blog people. I'm sorry. ( please hold the projectiles)

It's been the week that doesn't end around here. I had a big convention on last Saturday, and a class for work on Wednesday. Everything in between is a huge blur!(except for the mild case of food poisoning that Phil and I both got after eating at Gordon Burch on Saturday) We are going on vacation to Utah on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to that and the possibility of sleep in the near future. Today I have to clean the house that I've neglected for a week... YAY dust bunnies! Also on Saturday before the food poisoning set in, I bought a new outfit. The pants are a size 14!!! I haven't been able to buy a 14 for a few years! I am not under the delusion that I can just waltz into every store and buy a size 14. I know better then that. This particular store has odd sizes. But I also got my first pair of 16s there and about a month later I could buy one everywhere.

Alright on to what you've all been waiting for. I stayed the same. No weight loss or gain. But I am kinda happy about that... I didn't really fit in any exercise this week. ( I know bad infertile. but I was really busy! ) well I’m off to scrape the crud and dust off of everything I own and get to running on my treadmill, poor sad neglected treadmill. Then after that maybe I'll start packing for vacation. ( But food first... I'm hungry!)


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