Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hi everyone! This week I lost another pound, bringing me down to 210. I'm going to stick to week one on the couch to 10k. I didn't do it enough last week ( more on that later) and its still really hard for me to finish out the whole work out.

This week has been busy! The husband came home, and I had to go to a big confrence. Now Im prepairng to go to a class on pool care stuff. ( I work for a condo this stuff is huge... you have no idea!) We went out twice for dinner, last night and a few nights ago, we went to Dummars, if you have the chance go... they invented the icecream cone... Plus they fed us at the confrence, really good food, so I am really supprised that I did lose a pound. ( although that is my goal 1 pound a week.)

Well I'm off there's house work to be done and this is my day off.

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