Monday, March 2, 2009

Accountability - Watch Me Shrink.

I think that I am in need of a place to put it all down and be accountable to achieve my weight loss goals. Its not that I've completely fallen off the wagon and into the pizza place. I've just been struggling and once again putting off my workouts. My progress is slowing, and that makes me feel awful. I think part of it is the terrible week I had. I know that’s not an excuse but I need to learn to turn my frustrations into workouts and not chocolate bars. Okay, so here's my laundry list of things I want to accomplish.

* I need to lose 40 pounds. I'm 215 and my goal is 175. Before September, 22. ( Why because its my birthday, and I want to be 24 and hot :)... or pregnant... but I'd settle for hot. )

* I want to be able to get a mile in on the treadmill with in the half hour I usually work out.

* I want to be able to go faster then 3.5 on my treadmill without feeling like I'm going to die. Also, eventually I want to be able to jog / run the whole time I'm on my treadmill.

* I want to feel healthier. I want a better body image. I want to look in the mirror and see what I think I look like, not what I really look like. ( not that this is all for looks... that’s really just a plus...)

* I want to be healthy and I want to be able to control PCOS instead of the other way around. I felt like that for a whole year the last time we saw an RE and I can't do that to my self again.

Okay... so short term goals - By May 31st- lose 17 pounds bringing me to 198 ( I haven't seen the 1 at the front of the number for a long time. ). I want to be doing at least half my treadmill work out at a 4 instead of 3.5. I want to workout for at least a half hour 6 times a week.

Now for the accountability part. Every Monday I'm going to post my stats on here.

Monday March 2nd. 2009-

Height - 6.1' ( okay this is not going to change but i figured I would include it here.)

Weight - 215

Waist - 37

Hips - 42

Bust - 39

Thigh - 26

BMI - 28 ( That puts me in the higher side of the overweight category. At 175 I would be at 23 putting me in the "normal" category. )

* Disclaimer ** I realize that I in no way will ever be movie star thin. I'm not trying to be like that. I am also not obsessed. I just want to be healthy. Also I haven't always been like this, between Clomid and Gonal F, I packed on the pounds. Doctors say that isn't a side effect, but it is. I know that being a good weight will aide in conceiving. That is what it all boils down to, conceiving.

Tune in next week to watch me shrink.

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