Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slow - Infertile - Walking.

^^^^ That basically sums it up. For the second time this week I wasn't really fit to be around man nor beast. I had to go out though. Dogs out of food = cranky. Person out of healthy foods that are appealing to eat = more cranky. Rain + 264 traffic + VERY STUPID PEOPLE = MASSIVE CRANKYNESS.

So I ventured out in the rain, well drizzle really, to the far away store that sells eatable food. Not crazy organic fru-fru stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that if its your thing. Its not mine. At least not 100% because, well my wallet and bank account would be very unhappy if I went there. This is however the only place that sells veggies and fruit and meat and basically anything not in a can or box worth spending money on, let alone eating. I'm really not picky, but really lettuce SHOULD. NOT. BE. BROWN.

I got on the highway and low and behold an accident less then 50 feet form the on ramp. YAY OH WONDER OF WONDERS! I GET TO SIT IN TRAFFIC AND I'M IN SUCH AN AWSOME MOOD! NOT!!! 30 minutes later I got past the insane amount of gawkers and the five yes 5! car pile up, and I was on my way. I got to the exit for my store, and it was practically blocked off by yet another multi car pile up. IT WAS BARELY RAINING!

I got there. FINALLY. It took me 3 hour to finish shopping. I was distracted by shiny things in That Red Bulls Eye Store. Then the food store that I shop at often was out of things that it always carries. I know this because well I buy these things at said store often. I made due. and I'm over it. Its still raining. But I'm slowly starting to feel a little bit better. Nothing sugar wouldn't fix. OH DAMN NO SUGAR ALLOWED! HUMMMMM.... I... think.... I am about to cheat on my diet. It's for the common good of society. That makes it okay right?

Because I am in need of something cute or funny here is a video of Ty, my dog.
He was way to intrested in the treadmill while I was on it.

Please excuse my talking to the dog voice. I know its obnoxious, but he likes it.

Why all the crankyness you ask? Well spotting for a week accompanied by lots of pain in my left ovary. Anyone ever had a non PCOS cyst? Does it cause this?

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