Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's a...

Bubble... :)

Sorry I left everyone hanging. It's been a busy weekend around here, with Father's Day and all.

( I'll scan the photo when I get a minute... but its not alot to look at. )

So I went in last week and the Doc was running a few minutes late, but his nurse got me all set up in the ultrasound room to wait on him. I was in there all half naked and the ultrasound tech came and kicked me out to do a "real quick" scan. Turns out it wasn't so quick after all, and she was doing the apointment after mine's 20 week scan. Senaky! So I wound up in the room with the ultrasound machine that is older than I am.  The Doc found one sac, and a yolk sac right where it should be. :) I go back tommrow to see the heartbeat. I'm pretty excited about that.

I have been having weird dreams about watching over eggs in a nest. They all hatch, and they are all empty. That dream bums me out, so it will be nice to see/ hear the heart beat, and be reassured. Even though I spend most days all sick and light headed on the couch, I'm still worried.


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Glad to hear your good news! Fingers crossed for another great scan. :)