Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is it Monday yet?!

I feel like the ability to feel happy, and excited about this pregnancy has been taken away from me this week end... at least temporarily.

This has been the longest weekend of my life. I don't really understand why they couldn't get same day test results. I feel like they have taken two days out of my life and said these will be full of semi-needless worry.

I'm pretty sure I'm still pregnant... Pee sticks are DARK positive, and I feel sorta crappy, and tired and my boobs hurt... and I'm whiny. ( like you couldn't tell right?!)

I'm pretty sure that I was probably about 4 weeks when I saw the nurse... maybe 5 weeks or almost 5 when I got the scan from the doc... I don't think that I am 6+ weeks. The math just doesn't work. Also, I found out super early with Jack too. So coming to that conclusion, I feel like I have been robbed of this time that is supposed to be happy. *sigh* Is it Monday yet?!

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Kelli said...

Hoping and praying that you get good news today, Jenn.

Reading over your post reminded me of something that the OB told me when I first found out this time. She told me that between 4.5-6 weeks, she rarely got a 'good' scan in most patients. That's the reason for the betas every few days/week and more scans a little later, too. :)